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Template Fields
Field name Description (fill in all that apply; leave blank if unknown)
retired Type Yes if retired; otherwise, leave blank.
dyeable Type Yes if the Mount can be dyed; otherwise, leave blank.
passengers Number of passengers that can ride the Mount simultaneously. In most cases, that would be 1.
vendset Semicolon separated list of Item Sets this Mount belongs to.
frmset If this Mount is part of a Set, enter the name of the Set here.
descrip Description for the Mount. Useful for entering information not covered by other template fields.
arnatkt [ old ] Enter "Yes" if this mount is bought using Arena Tickets; otherwise leave blank.
The below field names are formatted as [ time-limit ][ suffix ], where [ time-limit ] can be any of the following: 1day, 7day, 15day, other, permanent, e.g. 1daycrowns or permanentspeed. The prefix other denotes a custom time-limit specified by the field othertime. Leave fields blank if unknown or not applicable.
[ time-limit ]exists Type Yes if this time-limit variant exists; otherwise, leave blank.
[ time-limit ]crownsonly Type Yes if this variant of the Mount is explicitly marked as "Crowns Only"; otherwise, leave blank.
Note that Permanent versions of the Mount may be classified "Crowns Only" whereas 1-day versions might not.
[ time-limit ]crowns Cost in crowns. Avoid entering gift card names. That information is automatically output and may, in the future, distinguish by time limit.
[ time-limit ]tickets Cost in arena tickets.
[ time-limit ]gold Cost in gold.
[ time-limit ]speed Speed boost. Do not type 0 or add additional formatting. The + and % signs are unnecessary.
[ time-limit ]stat Enter the stat type: Accuracy, Armor Piercing, Damage, Incoming Heal, Outgoing Heal, or Power Pip.
If this Mount grants multiple stats or a stat type not found in the provided list, please contact a Wiki-Master here.
[ time-limit ]statschool Type the name of the School for School-specific stats.
[ time-limit ]statboost Stat boost value. Needs a % sign if applicable. The + sign is unnecessary. Do not add additional formatting.
othertime If the Mount is usable for some other amount of time, enter that amount of time here; otherwise leave blank.
badge [Optional] The badge that's required to purchase the Mount. Use badge2 for a second required badge.
fishchestloc1-6 The name of the location that has fishing chests which can grant this item.
Blank Template
| dyeable = 
| passengers = 
| frmset = 
| descrip =

| 1dayexists = 
| 1daycrownsonly = 
| 1daycrowns = 
| 1daygold = 
| 1dayspeed = 
| 7dayexists = 
| 7daycrownsonly = 
| 7daycrowns = 
| 7daygold = 
| 7dayspeed = 
| permanentexists = 
| permanentcrownsonly = 
| permanentcrowns = 
| permanenttickets = 
| permanentgold = 
| permanentspeed = 
| permanentstat = 
| permanentstatschool = 
| permanentstatboost = 
| fishchestloc1 = 
| fishchestloc2 =