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Difference between revisions of "Item:The Void's Balanced Totem (Level 150+)"

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Latest revision as of 13:52, 27 May 2023

(Icon) Balance.png (Icon) Amulet.png

Level Required: 150+

+445 Max (Icon) Health.png
+9 (Icon) Global.png (Icon) Resistance.png
+208 (Icon) Balance.png +146 (Icon) Ice.png +146 (Icon) Life.png (Icon) Pip Conversion.png Rating
Item Cards:
(Icon) Counter.png+1 Loremaster Item Card
Locked Socket Tear
Locked Socket Square
Socket Lock Removal
Use a Legendary Socket Wrench
Pay 200 Crowns
No Auction
Dropped By:
Vendor Sell Price: 1,500 Gold Gold

The Void's Balanced Totem (Level 150+)