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(General) Doodle Clothing.png
This Image Stub needs updated Enchantment Images.
(Treasure Card) Empower.png
Spell Information
School(Icon) Death.png
Pip Cost1 Pip
TypeManipulation Spell / Damage Spell
Deals 250 Moon Damage to self to give 3 Pips to self. Cannot Critical
PvP Level20+
Empower Animation
Acquisition Information
Dropped By
No Vendors sell this Treasure Card
Quest Reward From
No Quests reward this Treasure Card
Gardening Sources
Granted by Interacting with
No Item Granters grant this Treasure Card
Obtainable from Locked Chests in
No Locked Chests drop this Treasure Card
No Adventure Talents yield this Treasure Card
Card Packs
Obtainable from Fishing Chests in
No Fishing Chests drop this Treasure Card
Treasure Card Enchantments
Simplify Elucidate
Simplify Version Elucidate Version
Card Pack Variations
Recipe Usage