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Template Fields
Field name Description (fill in all that apply, leave blank if unknown)
quality Jewel Quality: Cracked (Level 15+), Chipped (Level 25+), Flawed (Level 35+), Blemished (Level 45+), Dull (Level 55+), Plain (Level 65+), Opaque (Level 75+), Clear (Level 85+), Polished (Level 95+), Lustrous (Level 105+), Shiny (Level 115+), Sparkling (Level 125+), Dazzling (Level 135+), Amazing (Level 145+), or Flawless (Level 155+). NOTE: Type just the word (no level).
level For those Jewels that don't have a quality (ex: Pins and Star Shaped), enter the level, such as 170+. Generally you only need to enter either the quality or the level, but not both.
For Jewels that are of a different level than expected of their Quality (e.g. a Cracked Jewel that is usable at any level), enter the level here in addition to entering its Quality in the quality field.
petlevel Pet Level: Adult, Ancient, Epic, Mega, or Ultra.
socket For Jewels: Square, Circle, Triangle, Tear, or Star.
For Pins: Sword, Shield, or Power.
type Jewel Type: Amethyst, Citrine, Hematite, Jade, Opal, Onyx, Peridot, Ruby, Sapphire.
school Pin School: Fire, Ice, Storm, Myth, Life, Death, or Balance
notschool If a School is NOT allowed to use the Pin but all others are, enter the School here (e.g. Power Pins).
effectschool Enter the School of the effects provided by the Pin: Fire, Ice, Storm, Myth, Life, Death, or Balance
For Mending Pins, still enter the School required to use the Pin.
effect For Jewels: Accurate, Archmastery, Blocking, Card, Critical, Damage, Defense, Energy, Fishing, Healing, Health, Mana, Maycast, Mending, PetAbility, Piercing, Pip or Resilient. NOTE: For shadow pips the effect is just "Pip".
For Pins: Accuracy, Armor Piercing, Critical, Critical Block, Damage, Outgoing Healing, Pip Conversion, Resistance
effectval Value (or range), Percentage, Number of Cards Granted
effectcard The name of any Item Card 'granted' or 'may cast' by this Jewel, plus its variant number, in the format ItemCardName:ItemCardVariant.
The variant number (0, 1, 2, etc) specifies which version of the card is granted, as they are listed on the Item Card's page.
Note: on the Item Card pages, the first Spell listed is "0", then "1", "2", etc.
petability Name of the Pet Ability granted
effect2 Secondary Jewel Effect. Use for Sword Pins. For regular Jewels, currently only PetAbility is supported.
effectval2 Value (or range), Percentage, Number of Cards Granted from the second effect
petability2 Name of the Secondary Pet Ability granted
shatterproof [Optional] Enter Yes if the Jewel or Pin can be removed without shattering
Acquisition Information
ultra Enter "Yes" if this Jewel can be obtained from training a pet to Ultra.
fishchestlocations Semicolon separated list of Locations that have fishing chests which grant this Jewel.
altacquire [Optional] If this Item has a different method of acquisition not covered by this Template, give that information here. Alternative acquisition sources are entered as a semi-colon (;) separated list.
altcategory [Optional] Used to add an extra Category not currently covered by this Template. Example: Special Events. Alternative categories are entered as a semi-colon (;) separated list.
Blank Template (Jewels)
| quality = 
| level = 
| petlevel = 
| socket = 
| type = 
| effect = 
| effectval = 
| effectcard = 
| petability = 
<!---- Acquisition Information ---->
| ultra = 
| fishchestlocations =

Blank Template (Pins)
| level = 
| socket = 
| school = 
| notschool = 
| effectschool = 
| effect = 
| effectval = 
| effect2 = 
| effectval2 = 
| shatterproof = 
<!---- Acquisition Information ---->
| ultra = 
| fishchestlocations =