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No need to manually input values for: wrldv, wrldrw, and wrldd
Template Fields
Field name Description (Fill in all that apply. Leave blank if unknown. Alphabetize the Drop List.)
"Optional" or "Old" Fields

Fields marked as [Optional] are added 'when needed'.
Fields marked as [Old] are now automatically updated on the Wiki. No need for manual entry.

type The type of the item. (Castle Block, Plant Life, Wall Hanging, Wallpaper and Tile, Outdoor, Furniture, Decoration, Music Scroll, Pest)
worldm Use this line if you know the world "type" of the item but not its specific source.
If this is a Found or Fished item, enter the world (ex: Wizard City, Krokotopia, Marleybone, etc.)
PLEASE use the vendor field below to note specific Vendor (not the Bazaar) sources.
Otherwise, leave blank.
arenarnk The ARENA rank required to buy/use this housing item. (leave blank if none is required)
petrnk The PET DERBY rank required to buy/use this housing item. (leave blank if none is required)
pestrank If this is a Garden Pest, enter the rank of the pest here. (leave blank if none is required)
found [Optional] If this Item is found lying around the Spiral, type "Yes"; otherwise, leave it blank.
locfound [Optional] Location or Sublocation where you can find the object.
trade Is the item tradeable? "Yes" or "No".
auction Is the item able to be sold in the bazaar? "Yes" or "No".
sell If this item is "No Sell", type "No"; otherwise, leave it blank.
trash [Optional] If this item is "No Trash", type "No"; otherwise, leave it blank.
interact [Optional] Type "Yes" if you interact with this item by pressing "X to activate." (this does not include customizable housing like the mannequin or the music player).
crstat Type "Yes" if this item is a crafting station; otherwise, leave it blank.
tapestry [Optional] Put the name of the Location where the tapestry teleports to...
retired [Optional] Type "Yes" if the item is proven to be retired and no longer normally available.
limit [Optional] Use if there's a limit of the number of the specific item you can have. If not, leave it blank.
crownsonly If it is a Crowns Only Item, type "Yes" here (It must specifically say "Crowns Only"); otherwise, leave it blank.
likesme1 Name of a Gardening Seed that like this housing item. Use likesme2, etc., for additional likes.
notes [Optional] Brief description of 'special' notes. Examples, on separate lines:
  • This Housing Item is a portal to the ??? Instance, which contains the Instance Quest, ???. (Insert links.)
  • It is sometimes added temporarily to the Crown Shop for special sales and events.
vendor The full name of the vendor that sells the item. Use vendor2 through 10 for additional vendors.
wrldv [Old] World of the vendor that sells it - This must be filled in if the Item is Sold (Not including Bazaar). Use wrldv2 to wrldv10 if it is sold in additional worlds.
xchgu The purchase exchange units for the vendor: Gold, Crowns, or Arena Tickets.
buyval Amount paid to buy the item from a vendor.
sellval Gold received for selling the item to a Shop Vendor - NOT the Bazaar. The word "Gold" is needed.
badge [Optional] The badge that's required to purchase the Housing Item. Use badge2 for a second required badge.
wrldrw [Old] World of the Quest that Rewards it - This must be filled in if the Item is Rewarded. Use wrldrw2 to wrldrw10 if it is a quest reward in additional worlds.
wrldd [Old] World where it was dropped - This must be filled in if the Item is Dropped.
Note: If the Creature's "Location" is a Housing Instance (not a World), put the name of the Housing Instance here instead.
Please do not list Wizard City for items from other worlds dropped by Hallowe'en only Creatures.
Use wrldd2 to wrldd15 if it is dropped in additional worlds.
to 30
The name of the location that has fishing chests which can grant this housing item. Use fishchestloc2, fishchestloc3, etc. for additional locations.
monstrology If this Housing Item (Guest) is created through Monstrology, type "Yes"; otherwise, leave it blank.
tiered If this Housing Item (Guest) is created from a tiered creature (e.g. Housing Gauntlets), type "Yes"; otherwise, leave it blank.
altacquire [Optional] If this Housing Item has a different method of acquisition not covered by this Template, give that information here. Alternative acquisition sources are entered as a semi-colon (;) separated list.
altcategory [Optional] Used to add an extra Category not currently covered by this Template. Example: Special Events. Alternative categories are entered as a semi-colon (;) separated list.
altlink [Optional] An alternate link in the event that the automatically determined page doesn't exist.
[Optional] Lines for Music Players
theme Where you can hear the theme in game. For example, "in {{Link|Location|Ravenwood}}" or "while racing on a Grizzleheim track in the {{Link|Location|Pet Derby}}". If it is unknown, leave blank.
scrollwrld The world in which the theme is heard. If it is from Pirate101, put Pirate101 as scrollwrld. This world should match the emblem on the scroll.
Blank Template
| type = 
| worldm = 
| trade = 
| auction = 
| crownsonly = 
| vendor = 
| xchgu = 
| buyval = 
| sellval = 
| fishchestloc1 = 
| fishchestloc2 = 
| fishchestloc3 = 
| monstrology = 
| tiered =