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Template Fields
Field name Description (fill in all that apply, leave blank if unknown)
descrip Description of the Elixir.
duration A semi-colon separated list of possible durations this Elixir can have
retired [Optional] - Enter "Yes" if this Elixir is no longer obtainable
trade Enter Yes/No
gift Enter Yes/No
pvp If the Elixir is not allowed in PvP, enter "No". If the Elixir is not allowed for use in any type of combat, enter "No Combat".
trash If the Elixir cannot be trashed, enter "No".
sell If the Elixir cannot be sold, enter "No".
sellval The sell price of the Elixir. If the Elixir is not sellable, leave blank.
crownsonly If the Elixir is marked "Crowns Only," enter "Yes".
restriction If the Elixir has any kind of Level, School, etc. restriction, fill it in here.
altacquire [Optional] - If this Elixir has a different method of acquisition not covered by this Template (e.g Special Events), give that information here. Alternative acquisition sources are entered as a semi-colon (;) separated list.
altcategory [Optional] - Used to add an extra Category not currently covered by this Template (e.g Special Events). Alternative categories are entered as a semi-colon (;) separated list.
The following vendor and effect fields are being phased out in favor of automatic information from Vendor pages and the 'descrip' field, respectively.
vendor [Old] - The vendor that sells the Elixir.
currency [Old] - Currency (Crowns or Gold) of the Elixir.
cost [Old] - Price of the Elixir.
vendor2, currency2, cost2 [Old] - Used the same as vendor, currency and cost, for additional vendors.
eff1text [Old] - The text description of the first elixir effect.
eff1image1-2 [Old] - Images to enhance the first effect's description.
eff2text - eff10text,
eff2image1-2 - eff10image1-2
[Old] - Used the same as eff1text and eff1image, for additional elixir effects.
Blank Template
| descrip =

| duration =

| trade = 
| gift =
| pvp =
| trash =
| sell = 
| sellprice = 
| crownsonly = 
| restriction =