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Spell:Healing Current

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(Spell) Healing Current.png
Spell Information
School(Icon) Storm.png
Pip Cost3 Pip
TypeHealing Spell
PvP Level75+
Restores 385 Health and 75 Health per Round for 3-5 Rounds
Healing Current Spell Animation
Quest Spells
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Acquisition Information
Training Points TrainingPoint CANNOT purchase this Spell
No Trainers offer this Spell
Requirements to Train
No Spells are required in order to train Healing Current
Prerequisite to Train
No Spells require Healing Current to be trained
Spell Enchantments
Accuracy Enchants
Accuracy Enchantment
Keen EyesKeen EyesAccurateAccurateSniperSniperUnstoppableUnstoppableExtraordinaryExtraordinary
Healing Enchants
Healing Enchantment
Creatures that cast this Spell
Minions that cast this Spell