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Run query: Pet Stat Calculator

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Pet Stat Calculator
Base Pet Stats
Enter a Pet's base stats below and press "Run query" to calculate the Pet's theoretical Pet Talent bonus values.
Optionally, select any Attribute-Boosting Talent from the menu on the right to be automatically added onto the Pet's stats.
Strength Pet Strength
Intellect Pet Intellect
Agility Pet Agility
Will Pet Will
Power Pet Power
Max Pet Stats? (Icon) Admin.pngStrength: 255
Intellect: 250
Agility: 260
Will: 260
Power: 250
Attribute-Boosting Talents

Ultra-Rare Talents[Toggle]

Mighty+65 Pet Strength
Brilliant+65 Pet Intellect
Relentless+65 Pet Agility
Thinkin' Cap+65 Pet Will
Powerful+65 Pet Power
Best of Show+40 Pet Strength
+25 Pet Intellect
Unshakeable+40 Pet Strength
+25 Pet Agility
Cautious+25 Pet Strength
+40 Pet Will
Vigorous+25 Pet Strength
+40 Pet Power
Cunning+25 Pet Intellect
+40 Pet Agility
Perceptive+40 Pet Intellect
+25 Pet Will
Resourceful+40 Pet Intellect
+25 Pet Power
Early Bird+40 Pet Agility
+25 Pet Will
Refreshed+25 Pet Agility
+40 Pet Power
Capable+40 Pet Will
+25 Pet Power
Rare Talents[Toggle]

Tenacious+50 Pet Strength
Astute+50 Pet Intellect
Durable+50 Pet Agility
Crafty+50 Pet Will
Spirited+50 Pet Power
Stalwart+25 Pet Strength
+25 Pet Intellect
Tireless+25 Pet Strength
+25 Pet Agility
Vigilant+25 Pet Strength
+25 Pet Will
Dashing+25 Pet Strength
+25 Pet Power
Efficient+25 Pet Intellect
+25 Pet Agility
Intuitive+25 Pet Intellect
+25 Pet Will
Gifted+25 Pet Intellect
+25 Pet Power
Well Trained+25 Pet Agility
+25 Pet Will
Courageous+25 Pet Agility
+25 Pet Power
Careful+25 Pet Will
+25 Pet Power
Uncommon Talents[Toggle]

Rugged+40 Pet Strength
Sharp+40 Pet Intellect
Steadfast+40 Pet Agility
Canny+40 Pet Will
Eager+40 Pet Power
Adroit+15 Pet Strength
+25 Pet Intellect
Determined+15 Pet Strength
+25 Pet Agility
Dependable+25 Pet Strength
+15 Pet Will
Effervescent+25 Pet Strength
+15 Pet Power
Effective+25 Pet Intellect
+15 Pet Agility
Attentive+15 Pet Intellect
+25 Pet Will
Quick-Witted+15 Pet Intellect
+25 Pet Power
Sturdy+15 Pet Agility
+25 Pet Will
Intrepid+25 Pet Agility
+15 Pet Power
Forceful+15 Pet Will
+25 Pet Power
Common Talents[Toggle]

Hearty+25 Pet Strength
Calculating+25 Pet Intellect
Dogged+25 Pet Agility
Wise+25 Pet Will
Cheeky+25 Pet Power