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Quest:Press Pass

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Quest Information

Door to the Stars (for access to the area)
Note: Level 50 is needed to start this quest.

Given By: Deirdre Parker

Giver Location: Celestia Base Camp
This is a side quest.

Use Zodiac Tome in:
Survey Camp
The Grotto
Starkwave's Lair
The Stellarium
Bristleclaw's Cave
Sorcerer's Sanctum
Storm Lord's Temple
The Lunarium
Crystal Reactor
Calypso's Cavern
The Chancel
Trial of the Spheres
Talk to Deirdre Parker
Hand In: Deirdre Parker


(Icon) Gold.png
(Icon) XP.png
(Quest) Press Pass Goal 1-1.png (Quest) Press Pass Goal 1-2.png (Quest) Press Pass Goal 1-3.png (Quest) Press Pass Goal 1-4.png (Quest) Press Pass Goal 1-5.png (Quest) Press Pass Goal 1-6.png (Quest) Press Pass Goal 1-7.png (Quest) Press Pass Goal 1-8.png (Quest) Press Pass Goal 1-9.png (Quest) Press Pass Goal 1-10.png (Quest) Press Pass Goal 1-11.png (Quest) Press Pass Goal 1-12.png(Quest) Press Pass Goal 2.png

Leads to:


Quest Dialogue

This page is for recording a complete Quest Dialogue of all the conversation and story during a quest.
This includes NPC discussions, Narrator statements, and Creature speeches.

Larger images of the Celestian zodiac are on the walls of the Astral Archives in the District of the Stars
(Quest) Press Pass Dialogue 1.png
(Quest) Press Pass Dialogue 2.png
(Quest) Press Pass Dialogue 3.png
(Quest) Press Pass Dialogue 4.png
(Quest) Press Pass Dialogue 5.png
(Quest) Press Pass Dialogue 6.png
(Quest) Press Pass Dialogue 7.png
(Quest) Press Pass Dialogue 8.png
(Quest) Press Pass Dialogue 9.png
(Quest) Press Pass Dialogue 10.png
(Quest) Press Pass Dialogue 11.png
(Quest) Press Pass Dialogue 12.png
(Quest) Press Pass Dialogue 13.png
(Quest) Press Pass Dialogue 14.png
(Quest) Press Pass Dialogue 15.png
(Quest) Press Pass Dialogue 16.png
(Quest) Press Pass Dialogue 17.png
(Quest) Press Pass Dialogue 18.png
(Quest) Press Pass Dialogue 19.png
(Quest) Press Pass Dialogue 20.png
(Quest) Press Pass Dialogue 21.png
(Quest) Press Pass Dialogue 22.png
(Quest) Press Pass Dialogue 23.png
(Quest) Press Pass Dialogue 24.png
(Quest) Press Pass Dialogue 25.png
(Quest) Press Pass Dialogue 26.png
(Quest) Press Pass Dialogue 27.png
(Quest) Press Pass Dialogue 28.png
(Quest) Press Pass Dialogue 29.png
(Quest) Press Pass Dialogue 30.png
(Quest) Press Pass Dialogue 31.png

Quest Guide

This page is for special quests which have been determined to benefit from a quest guide.

The icon of the Zodiac Tome on the map is where that specific Zodiac Tome is located.

Survey Camp Zodiac Tome:

The Survey Camp Zodiac Tome is in Optio Agenor's Camp.

(Quest) Press Pass Quest Guide 1.png(Quest) Press Pass Quest Guide 1a.png

The Grotto Zodiac Tome:

The Grotto Zodiac Tome is in Coral Castle, behind Governor Nereus.
Note that you must battle Governor Nereus first.

(Quest) Press Pass Quest Guide 2.png(Quest) Press Pass Quest Guide 2a.png

Starkwave's Lair Zodiac Tome:

The Starkwave's Lair Zodiac Tome is in the District of the Stars in Starkwave's Lair.

(Quest) Press Pass Quest Guide 3.png(Quest) Press Pass Quest Guide 3a.png

The Stellarium Zodiac Tome:

The Stellarium Zodiac Tome is in Selwyn's Chamber, near the back right wall.
Note that you must battle Unimatus first.

(Quest) Press Pass Quest Guide 4.png(Quest) Press Pass Quest Guide 4a.png

Bristleclaw's Cave Zodiac Tome:

The Bristleclaw's Cave Zodiac Tome is in The Floating Land in Bristleclaw's Cave, near a tree on the left.

(Quest) Press Pass Quest Guide 5.png(Quest) Press Pass Quest Guide 5a.png

Sorcerer's Sanctum Zodiac Tome:

The Sorcerer's Sanctum Zodiac Tome is in Stormriven in Sorcerer's Sanctum, behind Karolak Nightspinner.

(Quest) Press Pass Quest Guide 6.png(Quest) Press Pass Quest Guide 6a.png

Storm Lord's Temple Zodiac Tome:

The Storm Lord's Temple Zodiac Tome is in Stormriven Hall in Storm Lord's Temple, on the left side of the lower level.
Note that you must battle the four Creatures on the upper level first.

(Quest) Press Pass Quest Guide 7.png(Quest) Press Pass Quest Guide 7a.png

The Lunarium Zodiac Tome:

The Lunarium Zodiac Tome is on the right side of the lower level, near the entrance stairs.
Note that you must complete the instance quest Dark Side of the Moon first to access The Lunarium.

(Quest) Press Pass Quest Guide 8.png(Quest) Press Pass Quest Guide 8a.png

Crystal Reactor Zodiac Tome:

The Crystal Reactor Zodiac Tome is in the Science Center, behind Maglump.
Note that you must battle Maglump first.

(Quest) Press Pass Quest Guide 9.png(Quest) Press Pass Quest Guide 9a.png

Calypso's Cavern Zodiac Tome:

The Calypso's Cavern Zodiac Tome is on Calypso's Ship, in front of the mast of the ship.

(Quest) Press Pass Quest Guide 10.png(Quest) Press Pass Quest Guide 10a.png

The Chancel Zodiac Tome:

The Chancel Zodiac Tome is near the center of the map, past the Back Door.
Note that you must complete the instance quest The Sun Also Rises first.

(Quest) Press Pass Quest Guide 11.png(Quest) Press Pass Quest Guide 11a.png

Trial of the Spheres Zodiac Tome:

The Trial of the Spheres Zodiac Tome is in the Sanctum of the Moon, behind Ptolemos.
Note that you must complete the Sanctum of the Stars and defeat Astraeus first.

(Quest) Press Pass Quest Guide 12.png(Quest) Press Pass Quest Guide 12a.png