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It has been observed that this Pet will manifest Element Blade at Teen.
This Pet was temporarily available in the Crown Shop (9,500 Crowns), but has since been removed.

Item Cards
Elemental Trap
1 at Baby
Spectral Blast
1 at Adult
Lernaean Hydra
1 at Epic
SchoolBalance (Icon) Balance.png(Icon) Pet Strength.png Strength220
Pedigree61 Pet Pedigree(Icon) Pet Intellect.png Intellect240
EggEquilibrium Egg(Icon) Pet Agility.png Agility240
Liked SnacksBalance Snacks Balance and Vegetable Snacks Vegetables(Icon) Pet Will.png Will215
Loved SnacksBalance Vegetable Snacks BalanceVegetables(Icon) Pet Power.png Power235
TalentsDerby Abilities
(Talent) Extra Mana.png(Derby) Clear.png
(Talent) Pip O'Plenty.png(Derby) Oil Slick.png
(Talent) Sharp-Shot.png(Derby) Catch.png
(Talent) Balance-Giver.png(Derby) Bummer.png
(Talent) Element Blade.png(Derby) Think Fast!.png
(Talent) Spell-Defying.png(Derby) Stumble On.png
(Talent) Add Health.png(Derby) Dumbfound.png
(Talent) Relentless.png(Derby) Baffle.png
(Talent) Brilliant.png(Derby) Deplete.png
(Talent) Powerful.png(Derby) Big Boost.png
Acquisition Information
Dropped by
Granted by Interacting with
Card Packs