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NPC:Zhi Lan

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NPC Image
Zhi Lan
Furniture Shop Keeper
MooShu - Jade Palace - MooShu Furniture & Castle Shop
Zhi Lan is the "Furniture Shop Keeper" in MooShu. She is located in the southwest area of Jade Palace, inside the MooShu Furniture & Castle Shop. She calls her shop "Zhi Lan's Housewares."
Gives Quests
Quest Goals
Ends Quests

Plant Life for Sale

ItemPriceBadge RequirementsImage
Bluebonnets350 GoldNone(House) Bluebonnets.png
Snapdragons385 GoldNone(House) Snapdragons.png
Tiger Lily (Plant Life)430 GoldNone(House) Tiger Lily (Plant Life).png
Snapdragon Flowerbed675 GoldNone(House) Snapdragon Flowerbed.png
Summer Tree875 GoldNone(House) Summer Tree.png
Large Potted Fern1,160 GoldNone(House) Large Potted Fern.png
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Wallpaper and Tile for Sale

ItemPriceBadge RequirementsImage
Maize Bamboo Wallpaper300 GoldNone(House) Maize Bamboo Wallpaper.png
Lime Bamboo Wallpaper300 GoldNone(House) Lime Bamboo Wallpaper.png
Yellow Bamboo Wallpaper300 GoldNone(House) Yellow Bamboo Wallpaper.png
Violet Bamboo Wallpaper300 GoldNone(House) Violet Bamboo Wallpaper.png
Lilac Bamboo Wallpaper300 GoldNone(House) Lilac Bamboo Wallpaper.png
Salmon Bamboo Wallpaper300 GoldNone(House) Salmon Bamboo Wallpaper.png
Red Bamboo Wallpaper300 GoldNone(House) Red Bamboo Wallpaper.png
Pink Bamboo Wallpaper300 GoldNone(House) Pink Bamboo Wallpaper.png
Orange Bamboo Wallpaper300 GoldNone(House) Orange Bamboo Wallpaper.png
Grey Bamboo Wallpaper300 GoldNone(House) Grey Bamboo Wallpaper.png
Green Bamboo Wallpaper300 GoldNone(House) Green Bamboo Wallpaper.png
Brown Bamboo Wallpaper300 GoldNone(House) Brown Bamboo Wallpaper.png
Purple Bamboo Wallpaper300 GoldNone(House) Purple Bamboo Wallpaper.png
Cyan Bamboo Wallpaper300 GoldNone(House) Cyan Bamboo Wallpaper.png
Blue Bamboo Wallpaper300 GoldNone(House) Blue Bamboo Wallpaper.png
Black Bamboo Wallpaper300 GoldNone(House) Black Bamboo Wallpaper.png
Tatami Flooring600 GoldNone(House) Tatami Flooring.png
Bamboo Mat600 GoldNone(House) Bamboo Mat.png
Dirt Floor625 GoldNone(House) Dirt Floor.png
Khaki Wallpaper625 GoldNone(House) Khaki Wallpaper.png
Swirly Stone Tiles650 GoldNone(House) Swirly Stone Tiles.png
Zen Geometry Wallpaper650 GoldNone(House) Zen Geometry Wallpaper.png
Red Board Wall650 GoldNone(House) Red Board Wall.png
Zen Garden Flooring655 GoldNone(House) Zen Garden Flooring.png
Zen Pattern Wallpaper685 GoldNone(House) Zen Pattern Wallpaper.png
Imperial Wallpaper725 GoldNone(House) Imperial Wallpaper.png
Crashing Wave Wallpaper775 GoldNone(House) Crashing Wave Wallpaper.png
Forester's Wallpaper950 GoldNone(House) Forester's Wallpaper.png
Leafy Floor1,000 GoldNone(House) Leafy Floor.png
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Outdoor Items for Sale

ItemPriceBadge RequirementsImage
Pointed Boulder270 GoldNone(House) Pointed Boulder.png
Leaning Boulder290 GoldNone(House) Leaning Boulder.png
Smooth Stone305 GoldNone(House) Smooth Stone.png
Reed Fence345 GoldNone(House) Reed Fence.png
Bamboo Barrier395 GoldNone(House) Bamboo Barrier.png
Stepping Stones540 GoldNone(House) Stepping Stones.png
Small Standing Lantern585 GoldNone(House) Small Standing Lantern.png
Blue Stone Torii965 GoldNone(House) Blue Stone Torii.png
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Furniture for Sale

ItemPriceBadge RequirementsImage
Tatami Floor Mat350 GoldNone(House) Tatami Floor Mat.png
Basic Crafting Station500 GoldNone(House) Basic Crafting Station.png
Small Wooden Table545 GoldNone(House) Small Wooden Table.png
Low Square Table650 GoldNone(House) Low Square Table.png
Futon715 GoldNone(House) Futon.png
Birchwood Stool875 GoldNone(House) Birchwood Stool.png
Futon Cushion1,190 GoldNone(House) Futon Cushion.png
Card Crafting Station1,500 GoldNone(House) Card Crafting Station.png
Housing Crafting Station1,500 GoldNone(House) Housing Crafting Station.png
Equipment Crafting Station1,500 GoldNone(House) Equipment Crafting Station.png
Stone Oven1,500 GoldNone(House) Stone Oven.png
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Decorations for Sale

ItemPriceBadge RequirementsImage
Large Candle Holder180 GoldNone(House) Large Candle Holder.png
Domed Floor Lantern435 GoldNone(House) Domed Floor Lantern.png
Decorative Stone Column435 GoldNone(House) Decorative Stone Column.png
Low Purple Vase460 GoldNone(House) Low Purple Vase.png
Blue Banner680 GoldNone(House) Blue Banner.png
Red Silk Kimono685 GoldNone(House) Red Silk Kimono.png
Stone Vase800 GoldNone(House) Stone Vase.png
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