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NPC:Petunia Floribund

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NPC Image
Wysteria Reagent & Furniture Shop
Petunia Floribund
Wysteria - Pigswick Academy - Wysteria Reagent & Furniture Shop
Petunia Floribund is a Wysteria furnishings vendor, who also offers a recipe to craft a tapestry that transports Wizards to Pigswick Academy.
Gives Quests
Quest Goals
Ends Quests

Plant Life for Sale

ItemPriceBadge RequirementsImage
Tall Wysterian Potted Fern1,250 GoldNone(House) Tall Wysterian Potted Fern.png
Short Wysterian Potted Fern1,250 GoldNone(House) Short Wysterian Potted Fern.png
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Wall Hanging Recipes for Sale

RecipePriceBadge RequirementsImage
Tapestry to Pigswick Academy
(Link to Item)
5,000 GoldNone(House) Tapestry to Pigswick Academy.png
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Wallpaper and Tile for Sale

ItemPriceBadge RequirementsImage
Hexagon Tile Wallpaper1,000 GoldNone(House) Hexagon Tile Wallpaper.png
Steel Reinforced Wallpaper1,000 GoldNone(House) Steel Reinforced Wallpaper.png
Boxes Wallpaper1,000 GoldNone(House) Boxes Wallpaper.png
Bejeweled Wallpaper1,000 GoldNone(House) Bejeweled Wallpaper.png
Block Illusion Wallpaper1,000 GoldNone(House) Block Illusion Wallpaper.png
Theatre Curtain Wallpaper1,000 GoldNone(House) Theatre Curtain Wallpaper.png
Whitewash Wallpaper1,000 GoldNone(House) Whitewash Wallpaper.png
Hexagonal Tile Flooring1,000 GoldNone(House) Hexagonal Tile Flooring.png
Steel Reinforced Flooring1,000 GoldNone(House) Steel Reinforced Flooring.png
Scribed Stone Flooring1,000 GoldNone(House) Scribed Stone Flooring.png
Quilted Purple Floor Covering1,000 GoldNone(House) Quilted Purple Floor Covering.png
Block Illusion Flooring1,000 GoldNone(House) Block Illusion Flooring.png
Chevron Striped Flooring1,000 GoldNone(House) Chevron Striped Flooring.png
Timberline Flooring1,000 GoldNone(House) Timberline Flooring.png
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Outdoor Items for Sale

ItemPriceBadge RequirementsImage
Splendid Wysterian Fountain5,000 GoldNone(House) Splendid Wysterian Fountain.png
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Furniture for Sale

ItemPriceBadge RequirementsImage
Tufted Wysterian Armchair1,250 GoldNone(House) Tufted Wysterian Armchair.png
Elephantine Ottoman2,500 GoldNone(House) Elephantine Ottoman.png
Filigreed Wysterian Chair2,750 GoldNone(House) Filigreed Wysterian Chair.png
Stately Wysterian Wooden Desk3,000 GoldNone(House) Stately Wysterian Wooden Desk.png
Cornflower Wysterian Settee3,250 GoldNone(House) Cornflower Wysterian Settee.png
Golden Blossom Rug3,250 GoldNone(House) Golden Blossom Rug.png
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Decorations for Sale

ItemPriceBadge RequirementsImage
Wysterian Artist's Easel1,500 GoldNone(House) Wysterian Artist's Easel.png
Backpack Butler2,500 GoldNone(House) Backpack Butler.png
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