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NPC:Old Man Huehue

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NPC Image
Three Points
Old Man Huehue
Furniture Vendor
Azteca - Three Points
Old Man Huehue is the "Furniture Trader" in Azteca. He is located in the east area of Three Points, near The Zocalo entrance.
Gives Quests
Quest Goals
» King and Stoneheart
Ends Quests

Plant Life for Sale

ItemPriceBadge RequirementsImage
Quint Leaf4,500 GoldNone(House) Quint Leaf.png
Purple Lily4,500 GoldNone(House) Purple Lily.png
White Lily4,500 GoldNone(House) White Lily.png
Corn Row4,500 GoldNone(House) Corn Row.png
Azteca Cactus5,250 GoldNone(House) Azteca Cactus.png
Mystic Star6,750 GoldNone(House) Mystic Star.png
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Wall Hangings for Sale

ItemPriceBadge RequirementsImage
Shell Shield5,250 GoldNone(House) Shell Shield.png
Dino Engraving5,250 GoldNone(House) Dino Engraving.png
Spooky Azteca Head6,750 GoldNone(House) Spooky Azteca Head.png
Gold Fan11,250 GoldNone(House) Gold Fan.png
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Wallpaper and Tile for Sale

ItemPriceBadge RequirementsImage
Maize Leaf Wallpaper300 GoldNone(House) Maize Leaf Wallpaper.png
Lime Leaf Wallpaper300 GoldNone(House) Lime Leaf Wallpaper.png
Yellow Leaf Wallpaper300 GoldNone(House) Yellow Leaf Wallpaper.png
Violet Leaf Wallpaper300 GoldNone(House) Violet Leaf Wallpaper.png
Lilac Leaf Wallpaper300 GoldNone(House) Lilac Leaf Wallpaper.png
Salmon Leaf Wallpaper300 GoldNone(House) Salmon Leaf Wallpaper.png
Red Leaf Wallpaper300 GoldNone(House) Red Leaf Wallpaper.png
Pink Leaf Wallpaper300 GoldNone(House) Pink Leaf Wallpaper.png
Orange Leaf Wallpaper300 GoldNone(House) Orange Leaf Wallpaper.png
Grey Leaf Wallpaper300 GoldNone(House) Grey Leaf Wallpaper.png
Green Leaf Wallpaper300 GoldNone(House) Green Leaf Wallpaper.png
Brown Leaf Wallpaper300 GoldNone(House) Brown Leaf Wallpaper.png
Purple Leaf Wallpaper300 GoldNone(House) Purple Leaf Wallpaper.png
Cyan Leaf Wallpaper300 GoldNone(House) Cyan Leaf Wallpaper.png
Blue Leaf Wallpaper300 GoldNone(House) Blue Leaf Wallpaper.png
Black Leaf Wallpaper300 GoldNone(House) Black Leaf Wallpaper.png
Oak Parquet Flooring1,000 GoldNone(House) Oak Parquet Flooring.png
Primitive Cave Flooring1,000 GoldNone(House) Primitive Cave Flooring.png
Patchwork Flooring1,000 GoldNone(House) Patchwork Flooring.png
Dragonscale Wallpaper1,000 GoldNone(House) Dragonscale Wallpaper.png
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Outdoor Items for Sale

ItemPriceBadge RequirementsImage
Grassy Rock4,500 GoldNone(House) Grassy Rock.png
Cattle Fence5,250 GoldNone(House) Cattle Fence.png
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Furniture for Sale

ItemPriceBadge RequirementsImage
Blue Polka Dot Rug550 GoldNone(House) Blue Polka Dot Rug.png
Red Polka Dot Mat550 GoldNone(House) Red Polka Dot Mat.png
Pink Polka Dot Carpet550 GoldNone(House) Pink Polka Dot Carpet.png
Garish Orange Settee750 GoldNone(House) Garish Orange Settee.png
Showy Purple Settee750 GoldNone(House) Showy Purple Settee.png
Glitzy Rainbow Settee750 GoldNone(House) Glitzy Rainbow Settee.png
Snazzy Green Settee750 GoldNone(House) Snazzy Green Settee.png
Small Table12,000 GoldNone(House) Small Table.png
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Decorations for Sale

ItemPriceBadge RequirementsImage
Backpack Butler2,500 GoldNone(House) Backpack Butler.png
Feather Fan6,750 GoldNone(House) Feather Fan.png
Azteca Basket9,750 GoldNone(House) Azteca Basket.png
Short Drum10,500 GoldNone(House) Short Drum.png
Azteca Beetles10,500 GoldNone(House) Azteca Beetles.png
Azteca Water Jug11,250 GoldNone(House) Azteca Water Jug.png
Azteca Ritual Bowl11,250 GoldNone(House) Azteca Ritual Bowl.png
Azteca Fire Jug11,250 GoldNone(House) Azteca Fire Jug.png
Ornate Spears11,250 GoldNone(House) Ornate Spears.png
Azteca Books11,250 GoldNone(House) Azteca Books.png
Basket of Spears11,250 GoldNone(House) Basket of Spears.png
Ornate Vase12,000 GoldNone(House) Ornate Vase.png
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