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NPC:Nessa Lightblade

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NPC Image
Dragonspyre Furniture & Castle Shop
Nessa Lightblade
Furniture Shop Keeper
Dragonspyre - The Atheneum - Dragonspyre Furniture & Castle Shop
Nessa Lightblade is the "Furniture Shop Keeper" in Dragonspyre. She is located in the east area of The Atheneum, inside the Dragonspyre Furniture & Castle Shop.
Gives Quests
Quest Goals
Ends Quests

Plant Life for Sale

ItemPriceBadge RequirementsImage
Burnt Tree995 GoldNone(House) Burnt Tree.png
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Wallpaper and Tile for Sale

ItemPriceBadge RequirementsImage
Maize Concrete Wall Finish300 GoldNone(House) Maize Concrete Wall Finish.png
Lime Concrete Wall Finish300 GoldNone(House) Lime Concrete Wall Finish.png
Yellow Concrete Wall Finish300 GoldNone(House) Yellow Concrete Wall Finish.png
Violet Concrete Wall Finish300 GoldNone(House) Violet Concrete Wall Finish.png
Lilac Concrete Wall Finish300 GoldNone(House) Lilac Concrete Wall Finish.png
Salmon Concrete Wall Finish300 GoldNone(House) Salmon Concrete Wall Finish.png
Red Concrete Wall Finish300 GoldNone(House) Red Concrete Wall Finish.png
Pink Concrete Wall Finish300 GoldNone(House) Pink Concrete Wall Finish.png
Orange Concrete Wall Finish300 GoldNone(House) Orange Concrete Wall Finish.png
Grey Concrete Wall Finish300 GoldNone(House) Grey Concrete Wall Finish.png
Green Concrete Wall Finish300 GoldNone(House) Green Concrete Wall Finish.png
Brown Concrete Wall Finish300 GoldNone(House) Brown Concrete Wall Finish.png
Purple Concrete Wall Finish300 GoldNone(House) Purple Concrete Wall Finish.png
Cyan Concrete Wall Finish300 GoldNone(House) Cyan Concrete Wall Finish.png
Blue Concrete Wall Finish300 GoldNone(House) Blue Concrete Wall Finish.png
Black Concrete Wall Finish300 GoldNone(House) Black Concrete Wall Finish.png
Maize Parquet Floor300 GoldNone(House) Maize Parquet Floor.png
Lime Parquet Floor300 GoldNone(House) Lime Parquet Floor.png
Yellow Parquet Floor300 GoldNone(House) Yellow Parquet Floor.png
Violet Parquet Floor300 GoldNone(House) Violet Parquet Floor.png
Lilac Parquet Floor300 GoldNone(House) Lilac Parquet Floor.png
Salmon Parquet Floor300 GoldNone(House) Salmon Parquet Floor.png
Red Parquet Floor300 GoldNone(House) Red Parquet Floor.png
Pink Parquet Floor300 GoldNone(House) Pink Parquet Floor.png
Orange Parquet Floor300 GoldNone(House) Orange Parquet Floor.png
Grey Parquet Floor300 GoldNone(House) Grey Parquet Floor.png
Brown Parquet Floor300 GoldNone(House) Brown Parquet Floor.png
Purple Parquet Floor300 GoldNone(House) Purple Parquet Floor.png
Cyan Parquet Floor300 GoldNone(House) Cyan Parquet Floor.png
Blue Parquet Floor300 GoldNone(House) Blue Parquet Floor.png
Black Parquet Floor300 GoldNone(House) Black Parquet Floor.png
Maize Bullseye Floor300 GoldNone(House) Maize Bullseye Floor.png
Lime Bullseye Floor300 GoldNone(House) Lime Bullseye Floor.png
Yellow Bullseye Floor300 GoldNone(House) Yellow Bullseye Floor.png
Violet Bullseye Floor300 GoldNone(House) Violet Bullseye Floor.png
Lilac Bullseye Floor300 GoldNone(House) Lilac Bullseye Floor.png
Salmon Bullseye Floor300 GoldNone(House) Salmon Bullseye Floor.png
Red Bullseye Floor300 GoldNone(House) Red Bullseye Floor.png
Pink Bullseye Floor300 GoldNone(House) Pink Bullseye Floor.png
Orange Bullseye Floor300 GoldNone(House) Orange Bullseye Floor.png
Grey Bullseye Floor300 GoldNone(House) Grey Bullseye Floor.png
Green Bullseye Floor300 GoldNone(House) Green Bullseye Floor.png
Brown Bullseye Floor300 GoldNone(House) Brown Bullseye Floor.png
Purple Bullseye Floor300 GoldNone(House) Purple Bullseye Floor.png
Cyan Bullseye Floor300 GoldNone(House) Cyan Bullseye Floor.png
Blue Bullseye Floor300 GoldNone(House) Blue Bullseye Floor.png
Black Bullseye Floor300 GoldNone(House) Black Bullseye Floor.png
Red and White Brick Floor850 GoldNone(House) Red and White Brick Floor.png
Opal Flagstones900 GoldNone(House) Opal Flagstones.png
Coral Brick Wallpaper925 GoldNone(House) Coral Brick Wallpaper.png
Slate Brick Wallpaper925 GoldNone(House) Slate Brick Wallpaper.png
Opal Wall Tiles1,000 GoldNone(House) Opal Wall Tiles.png
Granite Tiles1,150 GoldNone(House) Granite Tiles.png
Wyrmscale Wall Tiles1,250 GoldNone(House) Wyrmscale Wall Tiles.png
Underwater Tiling1,300 GoldNone(House) Underwater Tiling.png
Underwater Wallpaper1,500 GoldNone(House) Underwater Wallpaper.png
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Outdoor Items for Sale

ItemPriceBadge RequirementsImage
Tree Stump625 GoldNone(House) Tree Stump.png
Broken Column650 GoldNone(House) Broken Column.png
Claw Fence Segment675 GoldNone(House) Claw Fence Segment.png
Fallen Pillar735 GoldNone(House) Fallen Pillar.png
Tall Broken Pillar890 GoldNone(House) Tall Broken Pillar.png
Dragonspyre Arch1,650 GoldNone(House) Dragonspyre Arch.png
Brazier Post2,500 GoldNone(House) Brazier Post.png
Small Astral Tent3,800 GoldNone(House) Small Astral Tent.png
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Furniture for Sale

ItemPriceBadge RequirementsImage
Basic Crafting Station500 GoldNone(House) Basic Crafting Station.png
Equipment Crafting Station1,500 GoldNone(House) Equipment Crafting Station.png
Housing Crafting Station1,500 GoldNone(House) Housing Crafting Station.png
Card Crafting Station1,500 GoldNone(House) Card Crafting Station.png
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Decorations for Sale

ItemPriceBadge RequirementsImage
Dragonflame Torch690 GoldNone(House) Dragonflame Torch.png
Round Statue Base700 GoldNone(House) Round Statue Base.png
Standing Brazier750 GoldNone(House) Standing Brazier.png
Crystal Storage Rack1,300 GoldNone(House) Crystal Storage Rack.png
Backpack Butler2,500 GoldNone(House) Backpack Butler.png
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