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NPC:Jihane Abletusk

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NPC Image
Baobab Market
Jihane Abletusk
Furniture Trader
Zafaria - Baobab Market
Jihane Abletusk is the Furniture Trader in Zafaria. She is located in the center area of Baobab Market. Her shop is called "Jihane's Housing Decor."
Gives Quests
Quest Goals
Ends Quests

Plant Life for Sale

ItemPriceBadge RequirementsImage
Graveyard Tree900 GoldNone(House) Graveyard Tree.png
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Wall Hangings for Sale

ItemPriceBadge RequirementsImage
Zebra Dance Shield380 GoldNone(House) Zebra Dance Shield.png
Zebra Ceremonial Shield380 GoldNone(House) Zebra Ceremonial Shield.png
Zebra Warrior Shield380 GoldNone(House) Zebra Warrior Shield.png
Zebra Bravery Shield390 GoldNone(House) Zebra Bravery Shield.png
Tall Lion Mask440 GoldNone(House) Tall Lion Mask.png
Primitive Rhino Mask525 GoldNone(House) Primitive Rhino Mask.png
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Wallpaper and Tile for Sale

ItemPriceBadge RequirementsImage
Lime Vines Wallpaper300 GoldNone(House) Lime Vines Wallpaper.png
Yellow Vines Wallpaper300 GoldNone(House) Yellow Vines Wallpaper.png
Violet Vines Wallpaper300 GoldNone(House) Violet Vines Wallpaper.png
Lilac Vines Wallpaper300 GoldNone(House) Lilac Vines Wallpaper.png
Salmon Vines Wallpaper300 GoldNone(House) Salmon Vines Wallpaper.png
Red Vines Wallpaper300 GoldNone(House) Red Vines Wallpaper.png
Pink Vines Wallpaper300 GoldNone(House) Pink Vines Wallpaper.png
Orange Vines Wallpaper300 GoldNone(House) Orange Vines Wallpaper.png
Grey Vines Wallpaper300 GoldNone(House) Grey Vines Wallpaper.png
Green Vines Wallpaper300 GoldNone(House) Green Vines Wallpaper.png
Brown Vines Wallpaper300 GoldNone(House) Brown Vines Wallpaper.png
Purple Vines Wallpaper300 GoldNone(House) Purple Vines Wallpaper.png
Cyan Vines Wallpaper300 GoldNone(House) Cyan Vines Wallpaper.png
Blue Vines Wallpaper300 GoldNone(House) Blue Vines Wallpaper.png
Black Vines Wallpaper300 GoldNone(House) Black Vines Wallpaper.png
Maize Vines Wallpaper300 GoldNone(House) Maize Vines Wallpaper.png
Zebu Warriors Wall Paint1,000 GoldNone(House) Zebu Warriors Wall Paint.png
Zebu Wall Markings1,000 GoldNone(House) Zebu Wall Markings.png
Tribal Wall Markings1,000 GoldNone(House) Tribal Wall Markings.png
Zebu Pictograph Wall Paint1,000 GoldNone(House) Zebu Pictograph Wall Paint.png
Zafarian Stripes Wallpaper1,000 GoldNone(House) Zafarian Stripes Wallpaper.png
Zebu Wall Carving1,000 GoldNone(House) Zebu Wall Carving.png
Smile of Zafaria Wall Cover1,000 GoldNone(House) Smile of Zafaria Wall Cover.png
Sandstone Brick1,000 GoldNone(House) Sandstone Brick.png
Rhino Wall Covering1,000 GoldNone(House) Rhino Wall Covering.png
Black Palace Stone1,000 GoldNone(House) Black Palace Stone.png
Lion Plank Wall Covering1,000 GoldNone(House) Lion Plank Wall Covering.png
Zafarian Herringbone Floor1,000 GoldNone(House) Zafarian Herringbone Floor.png
Baobab Wood Floor1,000 GoldNone(House) Baobab Wood Floor.png
Zamunda Mask Floor1,000 GoldNone(House) Zamunda Mask Floor.png
Stonetown Flooring1,000 GoldNone(House) Stonetown Flooring.png
Lion's Paw Print Floor1,000 GoldNone(House) Lion's Paw Print Floor.png
Blacktusk Print Floor1,000 GoldNone(House) Blacktusk Print Floor.png
Obsidian Floorstone1,000 GoldNone(House) Obsidian Floorstone.png
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Outdoor Items for Sale

ItemPriceBadge RequirementsImage
Elephant Graveyard Stone400 GoldNone(House) Elephant Graveyard Stone.png
Knobkerrie Rack450 GoldNone(House) Knobkerrie Rack.png
Zebra Shield Rack780 GoldNone(House) Zebra Shield Rack.png
Gorilla Shield Rack800 GoldNone(House) Gorilla Shield Rack.png
Gorilla Tree Throne880 GoldNone(House) Gorilla Tree Throne.png
Elephant Totem880 GoldNone(House) Elephant Totem.png
Elephant Sword Rack880 GoldNone(House) Elephant Sword Rack.png
Zebra Hut920 GoldNone(House) Zebra Hut.png
Black Rock Shard930 GoldNone(House) Black Rock Shard.png
Lion Hut940 GoldNone(House) Lion Hut.png
Black Rock Fragment950 GoldNone(House) Black Rock Fragment.png
Large Wooden Elephant Head1,010 GoldNone(House) Large Wooden Elephant Head.png
Large Wooden Lion Head1,110 GoldNone(House) Large Wooden Lion Head.png
Royal Tusk Stand1,180 GoldNone(House) Royal Tusk Stand.png
Golden Tusk Stand1,225 GoldNone(House) Golden Tusk Stand.png
Large Wooden Gorilla Head1,250 GoldNone(House) Large Wooden Gorilla Head.png
Pink Elephant Statue1,400 GoldNone(House) Pink Elephant Statue.png
Goliath Statue1,680 GoldNone(House) Goliath Statue.png
Zorse Statue2,200 GoldNone(House) Zorse Statue.png
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Furniture for Sale

ItemPriceBadge RequirementsImage
Straw Bed300 GoldNone(House) Straw Bed.png
Primitive Firepit375 GoldNone(House) Primitive Firepit.png
Desert Festive Table400 GoldNone(House) Desert Festive Table.png
Primitive Dirt Rug440 GoldNone(House) Primitive Dirt Rug.png
Elephant Foot Stool660 GoldNone(House) Elephant Foot Stool.png
Zebra Throne770 GoldNone(House) Zebra Throne.png
King Bed840 GoldNone(House) King Bed.png
Elephant Short Table880 GoldNone(House) Elephant Short Table.png
Royal Red Chaise880 GoldNone(House) Royal Red Chaise.png
Gold Top Table940 GoldNone(House) Gold Top Table.png
Savannah Vanity990 GoldNone(House) Savannah Vanity.png
Royal Elephant Throne1,450 GoldNone(House) Royal Elephant Throne.png
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Decorations for Sale

ItemPriceBadge RequirementsImage
Clay Teapot175 GoldNone(House) Clay Teapot.png
Short Woven Basket200 GoldNone(House) Short Woven Basket.png
Tall Woven Basket220 GoldNone(House) Tall Woven Basket.png
Black Paint Jar270 GoldNone(House) Black Paint Jar.png
White Paint Jar275 GoldNone(House) White Paint Jar.png
Ancestor Calling Drum275 GoldNone(House) Ancestor Calling Drum.png
Slender Clay Jar330 GoldNone(House) Slender Clay Jar.png
Widemouth Clay Jar375 GoldNone(House) Widemouth Clay Jar.png
Primal Dye Set390 GoldNone(House) Primal Dye Set.png
Blue Top Drum400 GoldNone(House) Blue Top Drum.png
Clay Pot Collection440 GoldNone(House) Clay Pot Collection.png
Talking Drum880 GoldNone(House) Talking Drum.png
Backpack Butler2,500 GoldNone(House) Backpack Butler.png
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