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NPC:Brandon Mistborn

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NPC Image
Brandon Mistborn
4th Age Ticket Vendor
Wizard City - Unicorn Way - Arena

Brandon Mistborn is a PvP Vendor in Wizard City, located inside of the Arena on Unicorn Way with Jordo Mistborn, Marco Artigiano, Raquel and Roland Silverheart. His shop is called "Brandon's Bargains", which offers a variety of prizes in exchange for Arena Tickets.

This vendor sells items for Red Arena Tickets. These Tickets are being phased out in favor of the new Blue Arena Tickets.
Gives Quests
Quest Goals
Ends Quests

Pets for Sale

ItemPriceBadge RequirementsImage
Blue Spider125 Arena TicketsNone(Pet) Blue Spider.png
Striped Boar150 Arena TicketsNone(Pet) Striped Boar.png
Dastardly Magician250 Arena TicketsNone(Pet) Dastardly Magician.png
Dark Crow750 Arena TicketsNone(Pet) Dark Crow.png
Flamenco Bailador900 Arena TicketsNone(Pet) Flamenco Bailador.png
Frostbound Grimhorn900 Arena TicketsNone(Pet) Frostbound Grimhorn.png
Drowned Grimhorn900 Arena TicketsNone(Pet) Drowned Grimhorn.png
Charred Grimhorn900 Arena TicketsNone(Pet) Charred Grimhorn.png
Crimson Spectre1,250 Arena TicketsNone(Pet) Crimson Spectre.png
Flamenco Tocador6,000 Arena TicketsNone(Pet) Flamenco Tocador.png
Flamenco Cantador7,000 Arena TicketsNone(Pet) Flamenco Cantador.png
Flamenco del Muerto9,000 Arena TicketsNone(Pet) Flamenco del Muerto.png
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Wall Hangings for Sale

ItemPriceBadge RequirementsImage
Celebration Banner10 Arena TicketsNone(House) Celebration Banner.png
Dragon Rose Banner35 Arena TicketsNone(House) Dragon Rose Banner.png
Avalon Shield40 Arena TicketsNone(House) Avalon Shield.png
Tapestry to Arena100 Arena TicketsNone(House) Tapestry to Arena.png
Portrait of Mr. Gandry120 Arena TicketsNone(House) Portrait of Mr. Gandry.png
Ninja Sword Rack166 Arena TicketsNone(House) Ninja Sword Rack.png
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Wallpaper and Tile for Sale

ItemPriceBadge RequirementsImage
Lunar Wallpaper30 Arena TicketsNone(House) Lunar Wallpaper.png
Starbright Floor30 Arena TicketsNone(House) Starbright Floor.png
Umber Drake Wallpaper120 Arena TicketsNone(House) Umber Drake Wallpaper.png
Heliotrope Wallpaper120 Arena TicketsNone(House) Heliotrope Wallpaper.png
Coil-Drake Wallstones120 Arena TicketsNone(House) Coil-Drake Wallstones.png
Russet Tile Floor120 Arena TicketsNone(House) Russet Tile Floor.png
Ianthine Tile Floor120 Arena TicketsNone(House) Ianthine Tile Floor.png
Dun-Stone Flooring120 Arena TicketsNone(House) Dun-Stone Flooring.png
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Outdoor Items for Sale

ItemPriceBadge RequirementsImage
Sparring Target50 Arena TicketsNone(House) Sparring Target.png
Webbed Haunted Imperial Shrine70 Arena TicketsNone(House) Webbed Haunted Imperial Shrine.png
Webbed Haunted Samoorai Shrine70 Arena TicketsNone(House) Webbed Haunted Samoorai Shrine.png
Webbed Haunted Monk Shrine70 Arena TicketsNone(House) Webbed Haunted Monk Shrine.png
Pavilion77 Arena TicketsNone(House) Pavilion.png
Grand Cyclops Statue80 Arena TicketsNone(House) Grand Cyclops Statue.png
Dragon Cauldron120 Arena TicketsNone(House) Dragon Cauldron.png
Market Tent130 Arena TicketsNone(House) Market Tent.png
Wishing Well170 Arena TicketsNone(House) Wishing Well.png
Flaming Demon Pig Statue500 Arena TicketsNone(House) Flaming Demon Pig Statue.png
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Furniture for Sale

ItemPriceBadge RequirementsImage
Statue of Hyottoko10 Arena TicketsNone(House) Statue of Hyottoko.png
Velvet Trophy Pedestal40 Arena TicketsNone(House) Velvet Trophy Pedestal.png
Winner's Trophy Case60 Arena TicketsNone(House) Winner's Trophy Case.png
Long Trophy Case70 Arena TicketsNone(House) Long Trophy Case.png
Flat Globe of Avalon70 Arena TicketsNone(House) Flat Globe of Avalon.png
Shelved Trophy Case75 Arena TicketsNone(House) Shelved Trophy Case.png
Large Trophy Case90 Arena TicketsNone(House) Large Trophy Case.png
Grand Trophy Case90 Arena TicketsNone(House) Grand Trophy Case.png
Tall Trophy Case90 Arena TicketsNone(House) Tall Trophy Case.png
Patch Display Cabinet120 Arena TicketsNone(House) Patch Display Cabinet.png
Ranked Derby150 Arena TicketsNone(House) Ranked Derby.png
Practice Derby150 Arena TicketsNone(House) Practice Derby.png
Scarabed Display Case200 Arena TicketsNone(House) Scarabed Display Case.png
Royal Fish Tank220 Arena TicketsNone(House) Royal Fish Tank.png
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Decorations for Sale

ItemPriceBadge RequirementsImage
Ceremonial Tea Set30 Arena TicketsNone(House) Ceremonial Tea Set.png
Warrior's Helmet45 Arena TicketsNone(House) Warrior's Helmet.png
Red Faberge Egg70 Arena TicketsNone(House) Red Faberge Egg.png
Crystal Scepter80 Arena TicketsNone(House) Crystal Scepter.png
Antonio Sculpture95 Arena TicketsNone(House) Antonio Sculpture.png
PVP Combat Music Player100 Arena TicketsNone(House) PVP Combat Music Player.png
White Dragon Bobblehead105 Arena TicketsNone(House) White Dragon Bobblehead.png
Pendragon Bobblehead105 Arena TicketsNone(House) Pendragon Bobblehead.png
Ninja Pig Bobblehead105 Arena TicketsNone(House) Ninja Pig Bobblehead.png
Jade Oni Bobblehead105 Arena TicketsNone(House) Jade Oni Bobblehead.png
Black Dragon Bobblehead105 Arena TicketsNone(House) Black Dragon Bobblehead.png
Statue of St. Hubert160 Arena TicketsNone(House) Statue of St. Hubert.png
Chained Kraken Statue180 Arena TicketsNone(House) Chained Kraken Statue.png
Dragonspyre Trophy300 Arena TicketsNone(House) Dragonspyre Trophy.png
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Snacks for Sale

ItemPriceBadge RequirementsImage
Chocolate Strawberry65 Arena TicketsNone(Snack) Chocolate Strawberry.png
Cheese Broccoli65 Arena TicketsNone(Snack) Cheese Broccoli.png
Cracker65 Arena TicketsNone(Snack) Cracker.png
Sugar Donut65 Arena TicketsNone(Snack) Sugar Donut.png
Gummy Firecat65 Arena TicketsNone(Snack) Gummy Firecat.png
King Banana105 Arena TicketsNone(Snack) King Banana.png
Gummy Humongofrog105 Arena TicketsNone(Snack) Gummy Humongofrog.png
Golden Apple105 Arena TicketsNone(Snack) Golden Apple.png
Goat Cheese105 Arena TicketsNone(Snack) Goat Cheese.png
Flaming Soup105 Arena TicketsNone(Snack) Flaming Soup.png
Shiny Tomato125 Arena TicketsNone(Snack) Shiny Tomato.png
Buttered Bread125 Arena TicketsNone(Snack) Buttered Bread.png
Salmonberry125 Arena TicketsNone(Snack) Salmonberry.png
Pigeon Pie145 Arena TicketsNone(Snack) Pigeon Pie.png
Jelly Baby145 Arena TicketsNone(Snack) Jelly Baby.png
Glowing Dragon Fruit165 Arena TicketsNone(Snack) Glowing Dragon Fruit.png
Deviled Eggs165 Arena TicketsNone(Snack) Deviled Eggs.png
Killer Tomato165 Arena TicketsNone(Snack) Killer Tomato.png
Sea Dragon Salad185 Arena TicketsNone(Snack) Sea Dragon Salad.png
Ginger Mint Tea205 Arena TicketsNone(Snack) Ginger Mint Tea.png
Fish Egg Pancakes245 Arena TicketsNone(Snack) Fish Egg Pancakes.png
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