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Location:School of Fire

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Wizard City - Ravenwood - School of Fire

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The Fire School is run by Professor Dalia Falmea, and by Professor Memphis before her. The School's colors are red and orange while the gemstone is the Ruby. This is where Pyromancers train and receive Quests for learning new Fire Spells. This School is one of the three Elemental Schools, along with the Schools of Ice and Storm.

The following description is courtesy of KingsIsle's Wizard101 website:

"If the Mind is like a candle, the Heart is like the sun."

Fire is passion, the bright, burning flame of raw emotion sweeping over everything. Those who follow the School of Fire, known as Pyromancers, are tempestuous, quick to anger, and consumed by whatever drives them at that moment. They tend to walk a fine line, having great passion and enthusiasm for one’s loves in life is good, but watch out! Passion can burn you up and consume you, leaving nothing but a charred husk of your former self. Pyromancers use Incantations to dominate and convince Fire creatures to do their bidding. Fire Magic traces its origins back to the fierce Fire Dragons, the race of Titans that ruled the land in the Days Before.

The Fire School will train its student wizards to do damage over time. Fire Wizards pile on spells that will continually do damage to the enemy. Initially these spells will not do much damage, but they eventually stack for possible large amounts of damage in short amounts of time. Fire wizards also learn the ability to stun, which disables the enemy from acting for one turn. They can heal themselves enough to get by, but nothing substantial.

Fire Wizards tend to be Smart, Passionate, Competitive and Attractive. Famous Pyromancers include Morgan Le Fay and William Shakespeare. Fire Wizards have attack spells that linger, damaging their foes again and again.


In the days of yore, there dwelled the Giants, the Tritons, and the most powerful of all, the Dragons.
For many eons there was peace, that is until the Tritons and the Giants began to bicker on trivial matters.
Finally, war broke out between the two sides and the Dragons became involved as the universe was threatened.
In order for there to be peace, the Dragons used their great power to stop the war and the world became dormant and silent.
Though the Dragons now sleep, Fire Magic, the most powerful of magics, comes from the essence that the Dragons released into fire and magma...

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