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Location:Hollow Mountain

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(Location) Hollow Mountain.png
(Icon) Krokotopia.png

Hollow Mountain is the second instance in Kembaalung Village. Wizards come here during the quest The Attaché Case to complete the instance Harmony v. Discord and rescue the missing Expeditionary Force leader, Lord George Beagle.

This instance is a gauntlet, meaning other Wizards will not be able to port into the dungeon. Up to four Wizards can enter the dungeon at the sigil. This instance is repeatable.

There are two sublocations found within this instance:

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Hollow Mountain
Hollow Mountain - (Instance)
(Map) Hollow Mountain.png
Level 1Woolly Bully, Woolly BullyTwo more Woolly Bullies appear if more than two Wizards are present.
Level 2Hoof Ninja, Hoof NinjaTwo more Hoof Ninjas appear if more than two Wizards are present.
Level 3Temple GuardianFailure to solve the Prayer Wheel puzzle will result in a duel with the Temple Guardian. The entrance to Hamakala's Mausoleum is found here.
Places of Interest
No places of interest are reported here

What's Found Here?
Normal Harvest Reagents
Rare Harvest Reagents
Wooden Chest Rewards
No Wooden Chest rewards are reported here
Silver Chest Rewards
No Silver Chest rewards are reported here
No Fish are found here