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(Location) Fairegrounds.png

(Location) Fairegrounds (Classic).png
Access QuestUnicorn Way
(Icon) Wizard City.png

The Fairegrounds hosts a variety of Mini Games for Wizards to play. By interacting with one of the glowing circles in front of the tents, Wizards can play these Mini Games to replenish Mana, earn Gold, Items, and/or Treasure Cards, and refill Potions. Sabrina Greenstar offers trainable Shield Spells by the stage, and The Commons Smith can be found behind a tree towards the back of the area.

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No Creatures are reported here
Places of Interest
No places of interest are reported here

What's Found Here?
Normal Harvest Reagents (Icon) Harvest Reagent.png
Rare Harvest Reagents (Icon) Harvest Rare Reagent.png
Wooden Chest Rewards (Icon) Wooden Chest.png
No Wooden Chest rewards are reported here
Silver Chest Rewards (Icon) Silver Chest.png
No Silver Chest rewards are reported here
No Fish are found here