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Location:Emperor's Retreat

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(Location) Emperor's Retreat.png
(Icon) Krokotopia.png

Krokhotep's warning:

"So you feel you are worthy of Entering the Emperor's Retreat? Not on your life, you lowly worm!"
"Only four at a time can be in a Dungeon so bring your best warriors! And when everyone leaves, the level will reset in a short amount of time."
"You can replay this area, allowing you to gain additional unique loot. But only if you survive!"

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(Template) Arrow Down (Color).png
Emperor's Retreat
Emperor's Retreat (Instance)

Entrance Hall
Entrance Hall
None on this map
None on this map
None on this map

What's Found Here?
Normal Harvest Reagents
Rare Harvest Reagents
Wooden Chest Rewards
No Wooden Chest rewards are reported here
Silver Chest Rewards
No Silver Chest rewards are reported here
Fish [Chest Drops] (Icon) Chest.pngSchoolRankHoliday
Bone FishDeathFish Rank 1
Chameleon FishIceFish Rank 1
Four-Eyed GrouperStormFish Rank 1
GarrrfishIceFish Rank 1
Hammerhead SharkBalanceFish Rank 1
Krokotopian EelBalanceFish Rank 1
Mainstream DekoiBalanceFish Rank 1
Mechanical ArmorheadStormFish Rank 1
Silver StreakIceFish Rank 2