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Location:Biti's Chamber

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(Location) Biti's Chamber.png
(Icon) Krokotopia.png

Wizards first come here during the quest The Final Rubbing to retrieve an ancient tablet for Professor Winthrop. An Obsidian Chest for the Dragonspyre storyline quest Wizard Tours can also be found here.

Fire Wizards who have reached level 48 return during the spell quest Shard Trek to collect one of the four Fire Shards they need.

This instance is repeatable.

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Biti's Chamber
Biti's Chamber (Instance)
(Map) Biti's Chamber.png
Level 1Biti Nirini, Nirini SentryTwo additional Nirini Sentries will appear if more than two Wizards are present.
No NPCs are reported here
Places of Interest
No places of interest are reported here

What's Found Here?
Normal Harvest Reagents
No Normal Harvest Reagents are found here
Rare Harvest Reagents
No Rare Harvest Reagents are found here
Wooden Chest Rewards
No Wooden Chest rewards are reported here
Silver Chest Rewards
No Silver Chest rewards are reported here
No Fish are found here