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House:Expert's Socket Wrench

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Expert's Socket Wrench
(House) Expert's Socket Wrench.png
Item Information
TypeWall Hanging
TradeableYes Tradeable
AuctionableNo No Auction
Sell Price250 Gold Gold
  • This Expert’s Socket Wrench unlocks Sockets on Items from Levels 55 – 74.
  • This Housing Item was available as a limited quantity MMORPG promo code on April 28, 2015.
Used to Unlock Sockets
  • Abyss Bodkin
  • Amahle's Striped Band
  • Amethyst Ring of Battle
  • Ammit's Claw of Revolution
  • Ammit's Hand of Revolution
  • Amulet of Dragons of Old
  • Amulet of Lion's Sight
  • Amulet of Rainbow's End
  • Amulet of the Savannah Flame
  • Ancient Hieroglyph Cards
  • Ancient Hieroglyph Relic
  • Antikythera Deck
  • Anubis' Cards of Veracity
  • Arcane Ampul
  • Arctic Skyfarer's Deck (Level 70+)
  • Argent Rose Deck
  • Argent Rose Seal
  • Armiger's Amulet of Aiming
  • Armiger's Bravura Necklace
  • Armiger's Meditative Pendant
  • Armillary Deck
  • Army of the Condemned Kris
  • Array of the Archaic Rebus
  • Aryanah's Golden Loop
  • Astonishing Ring
  • Athame of Burning Justice
  • Aureate Band
  • Bad Host Band
  • Badger's Claw
  • Baleful Star Necklace
  • ... further results
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