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House:Everafter Village

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Everafter Village
Everafter Village
Castle Information
Item Limits250 Inside
250 Outside
Dueling CircleYes
Inventory Restrictions
LevelAny Level
Sell Price5,000 Gold Gold
Crowns Only Crown
Fish [Chest Drops] (Icon) Chest.pngSchoolRankHoliday [Toggle inactive Holidays] Holiday
Black EggShellfishDeathFish Rank 1Easter
Blue EggShellfishLifeFish Rank 1Easter
Cold CodIceFish Rank 1Winter
Fall Foliage FishBalanceFish Rank 1Fall
Fish and ChipsFireFish Rank 1
GarrrfishIceFish Rank 1
GobblerfishBalanceFish Rank 1Wizard101's Birthday
Golden Goose DoodlefishDeathFish Rank 2
Jackson PollockLifeFish Rank 2
Ol' BootBalanceFish Rank 1April Fools
Mistletoe AnglerLifeFish Rank 1Yuletide
ShamRockfishLifeFish Rank 1Saint Patrick's Day
SpringfishStormFish Rank 1Spring
Tattoo FishDeathFish Rank 1
Yellow EggShellfishMythFish Rank 1Easter
YuleToy FishMythFish Rank 1Yuletide
Acquisition Sources