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House:Botanical Gardens

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Botanical Gardens
Botanical Gardens
Castle Information
Item Limits250 Inside
250 Outside
Dueling CircleYes
Inventory Restrictions
LevelAny Level
Sell Price5,000 Gold Gold
Crowns Only Crown
Seeds that "Like" Me
  • Most plants like me; check individual Seed pages.
Fish [Chest Drops] (Icon) Chest.pngSchoolRankHoliday [Toggle inactive Holidays] Holiday
Basking in the Sun SharkFireFish Rank 1Summer
Be Mine FishFireFish Rank 1Valentine's Day
Black CatfishDeathFish Rank 1Hallowe'en
Black EggShellfishDeathFish Rank 1Easter
Blue EggShellfishLifeFish Rank 1Easter
Cold CodIceFish Rank 1Winter
Fall Foliage FishBalanceFish Rank 1Fall
Flytrap DoodlefishLifeFish Rank 2
GobblerfishBalanceFish Rank 1Wizard101's Birthday
Grape JellyfishStormFish Rank 2
Jackson PollockLifeFish Rank 2
LifeacudaLifeFish Rank 1
Mistletoe AnglerLifeFish Rank 1Yuletide
Ol' BootBalanceFish Rank 1April Fools
ShamRockfishLifeFish Rank 1Saint Patrick's Day
SpringfishStormFish Rank 1Spring
Sweet Yellow GrunionMythFish Rank 2
Yellow EggShellfishMythFish Rank 1Easter
YuleToy FishMythFish Rank 1Yuletide
Acquisition Sources
Sold by
Housing Items Housing Items
Aquila Dark Path Theme
Aquila Skyway Theme
Black Cobblestone
Blue Ceramic Tile
Blue Cobblestone
Blue Teleporter (Icon) Crown.pngCrowns Item Drop
Brown Cobblestone
Burnt Orange Cobblestone
Burnt Orange Paneling
Choo-Choo Zoo Slow Theme
Cool Ranch Action Theme
Cool Ranch Combat Theme 2
Cool Ranch Explore Theme
Cool Ranch Explore Theme 2
Cool Ranch Haunted Theme
Cool Ranch Skyway Theme
Cool Ranch Spanish Theme
Cyan Ceramic Tile
Cyan Cobblestone
Cyan Teleporter (Icon) Crown.pngCrowns Item Drop
Doodle Doug Theme
Green Cobblestone
Green Paint
Green Paneling
Green Teleporter (Icon) Crown.pngCrowns Item Drop
Grey Paint
Grey Paneling
Large Keeper Aquarium
Large Small Fry Aquarium
Lg Wood Wall Block
Lilac Ceramic Tile
Lilac Cobblestone
Lilac Paint
Maize Ceramic Tile
Maize Paneling
Marleybone Isle Theme
Marleybone Sewers Theme
Marleybone Tense Theme
Md Wood Wall Block
Medium Enchanted Planter
Medium Normal Planter
Monquista Native Theme
Monquista Royal Theme
Orange Cobblestone
Orange Paint
Orange Paneling
Orange Teleporter (Icon) Crown.pngCrowns Item Drop
Pink Cobblestone
Pink Paint
Pirate Intro Theme
Polaris Baba Yaga Theme
Polaris Frozen Forest Theme
Polaris Gulag Combat Theme
Polaris Gulag Theme
Purple Ceramic Tile
Purple Paint
Purple Teleporter (Icon) Crown.pngCrowns Item Drop
Red Ceramic Tile
Red Cobblestone
Red Paint
Red Paneling
Red Teleporter (Icon) Crown.pngCrowns Item Drop
Regular Whopper Aquarium
Skull Island Arena Theme
Skull Island Combat Theme 2
Skull Island Combat Theme 3
Skull Island Native Theme
Skull Island Skyway Theme
Skull Island Tense Theme
Skull Island Tribal Theme
Small Enchanted Planter (Icon) Accuracy.pngTotal Drop Reports: 2
Small Normal Planter
Tropical Garden Gnome
Valencia Combat Theme
Valencia Skyway Theme
Valencia Tense Theme
Violet Ceramic Tile
Walruskberg Combat Theme
White Ceramic Tile
White Cobblestone
White Teleporter (Icon) Crown.pngCrowns Item Drop
Wood Arch Block
Wood Corner Block
Wood Post Block
Wood Window Block
Yellow Cobblestone
Yellow Teleporter (Icon) Crown.pngCrowns Item Drop
Mounts Mounts (1-Day version unless otherwise noted)
Celestial Wolf (Permanent)