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Creature:Yoshinobu (Tier 2)

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Yoshinobu (Tier 2)
Yoshinobu (Tier 2) Creature Image
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Rank4 Boss
School(Icon) Storm.png
Battle Statistics
Starting Pips1  (Icon) Pip.png
Inc. Boost30% to (Icon) Myth.png
Inc. Resist60% to (Icon) Storm.png
MinionsKensaburo (Tier 2),
Takazane (Tier 2),
Hisamoto (Tier 2)
Housing InstanceMidnight Sun Pagoda - Midnight Sun Pagoda (Tier 2)


  • At the start of the first Round these Bosses will cast the following spells using their turn not using Pips.
    • Yoshinobu (Tier 2) will use Mass Infection.
    • Hisamoto (Tier 2) will use Legion Shield and every three Rounds after.
  • "Chain Reaction!" - If a Wizard attacks Yoshinobu (Tier 2) with a Spell that costs 6 Pips or more, such as Colossus, the following cheats will occur by interrupt.
    • Yoshinobu (Tier 2) casts a -60% Smoke Screen.
    • Hisamoto (Tier 2) casts Unicorn that restores 450 Health.
  • "The Chain Continues!" - If Yoshinobu (Tier 2) is damaged by a Spell that costs 6 Pips or more after Hisamoto (Tier 2) is defeated, the following cheats will occur by interrupt.
    • If Kensaburo (Tier 2) is not defeated:
      • Yoshinobu (Tier 2) casts Blizzard dealing 300-350 Ice Damage.
      • Kensaburo (Tier 2) casts a Minor Blessing restoring 125 Health for each Samoorai casting one at a time.
    • If Kensaburo (Tier 2) is defeated:
      • Yoshinobu (Tier 2) casts Blizzard dealing 300-350 Ice Damage and Sandstorm dealing 275-300 Balance Damage.

Spell Notes

Quest Appearances

» Journey Into Midnight
(Spell) Mass Infection.png(Spell) Smoke Screen.png(Spell) Sprite.png(Spell) Stormblade.png(Spell) Storm Trap.png(Spell) Thunder Snake.png(Spell) Lightning Bats.png(Spell) Storm Shark.png(Spell) Kraken.png(Spell) Stormzilla.png(Spell) Tempest.png(Spell) Blizzard.png(Spell) Sandstorm.png(Spell) Heck Hound.png