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Creature:Seething Wraith

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Seething Wraith
Seething Wraith Creature Image
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Rank7 Boss
School(Icon) Balance.png
Battle Statistics
Starting Pips1  (Icon) Pip.png
Inc. Boost14% to  (Icon) Myth.png(Icon) Life.png(Icon) Death.png
Inc. Resist40% to  (Icon) Balance.pngResistance
MinionsSeething Wraith,
Thief Prince,
Thief Prince
MarleyboneRegent's Square - Warehouse (Spiral Geographic)


Drops for this battle should be recorded on this page.

Monstrology Description:

Don't cross them on a bad day, they bubble with rage, and you may get boiled in their stew of emotions.

Spell Notes

Quest Appearances

Not directly named in Quests
(Spell) Elemental Shield.png(Spell) Spirit Shield.png(Spell) Weakness.png(Spell) Balanceblade.png(Spell) Hex.png(Spell) Scarab.png(Spell) Scorpion.png(Spell) Locust Swarm.png(Spell) Sandstorm.png(Spell) Judgement.png(Spell) Evil Snowman.png(Spell) Vampire.png