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Creature:Kakeda Spirit Slave

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Kakeda Spirit Slave
Kakeda Spirit Slave Creature Image
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ClassificationPig / Undead
School(Icon) Fire.png
Battle Statistics
Starting Pips1  (Icon) Pip.png
Inc. Boost40% to (Icon) Ice.png
Inc. Resist40% to (Icon) Fire.png
MooShuTree of Life


When the Kakeda Spirit Slave appears in battle as a Minion to Akuji, all drops are recorded on that page.

Monstrology Tome Description

Cursed to toil in anguish in the Tree of Life, they yearn for redemption for the mistakes of their past. And properly fitting pants.
(Icon) Monstrology Minion TC.png
Summon Card
Animus: 10
Gold: 500
(Icon) Monstrology House Guest.png
House Guest
Animus: 20
Gold: 1,500
(Icon) Monstrology Expel TC.png
Expel Card
Animus: 15
Gold: 2,000

Spell Notes

Natural Attack:

  • Deals 90 Death Damage per Pip.

Quest Appearances

Not directly named in Quests
(Spell) Snow Shield.png(Spell) Weakness.png(Spell) Fireblade.png(Spell) Fire Trap.png(Spell) Fire Cat.png(Spell) Link.png(Spell) Fire Elf.png(Spell) Sunbird.png(Spell) Meteor Strike.png(Spell) Raging Kraken (Fire).png(Spell) Colossus (Fire).png(Spell) Heck Hound.png(Spell) Leprechaun.png(Spell) Cyclops.png(Spell) Ghoul.png(Spell) Vampire.png
Gold (per creature or per solo boss fight)
15 - 20
Treasure Cards
Ninja Pigs (Icon) Accuracy.pngTotal Drop Reports: 2 (Icon) WMV.pngWiki-Master Verified Drop
Spider Silk (Icon) Accuracy.pngTotal Drop Reports: 2
Fire Cracker
Golden Squash
Large Fish (Icon) Accuracy.pngTotal Drop Reports: 2 (Icon) WMV.pngWiki-Master Verified Drop
Large Watermelon (Icon) Accuracy.pngTotal Drop Reports: 2 (Icon) WMV.pngWiki-Master Verified Drop