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Creature:General Stormclaw

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General Stormclaw
General Stormclaw Creature Image
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Rank9 Boss
School(Icon) Myth.png
Battle Statistics
Starting Pips1  (Icon) Pip.png / (Icon) Power Pip.png
Inc. Boost50% to (Icon) Storm.png
Inc. Resist80% to (Icon) Myth.png
MinionsHalf-Witted Skeleton,
Lazy Henchman,
Tired Fighter
MarleyboneRegent's Square - Warehouse (Spiral Geographic)



"Hey! The fight is on!... Where are those guys?! No good, half-blind skeletons! I told them to keep their good eye on the door!"


  • At the beginning of the first Round, General Stormclaw will cast a -65% Tower Shield on himself, and replace it whenever he is hit.
    • He will place another Tower Shield on himself every three to four Rounds.
    • Using Steal Ward will bypass this cheat.
  • At the end of the first Round, he will cheat-cast Earthquake and summon his Minions.
  • He will cast a version of Cleanse Ward that removes two negative Wards if a Trap is placed on him or his Minions, and removes Weakness from himself and his Minions, and even sometimes from Wizards, but stops removing them after his Minions have been defeated.
Casting Indemnity will cause him to use Cleanse Ward again, effectively making Indemnity useless.
  • "I saw that!!" - If a Wizard attacks Tired Fighter then the following cheats will occur by interrupt.
    • Lazy Henchmen will cheat-cast Rebirth healing 750 without absorbs.
    • Half-Witted Skeleton cheat-casts Colossus after Rebirth cheat.
      • All Enemy Spells from the Wizard's team don't trigger this cheat.
      • Whenever Half-Witted Skeleton casts Blizzard, or Tired Fighter casts Tempest, only the Rebirth cheat will trigger.
  • "Help me!" - If General Stormclaw is attacked, his Minions will cast the following spells:
  • Lazy Henchman will cheat-cast Rebirth (without absorbs). It will also cheat-cast this Spell if the Half-Witted Skeleton or Tired Fighter is attacked.
  • Tired Fighter will cheat-cast Storm Lord.
  • For Spells that hit more than once (e.g. Chimera, Hydra, Orthrus, Minotaur, Damage over Times etc.), the Minions will cheat-cast their Spells for each time the Boss was hit.
  • The Round after all three Minions have been defeated, he will cheat-cast Frost Giant dealing 475 Damage.
  • If all Minions are defeated in the same Round going first, he will activate this on the same turn, not the one after.

Spell Notes

Quest Appearances

Not directly named in Quests
(Spell) Storm Shield.png(Spell) Tower Shield (-65%).png(Spell) Mythblade.png(Spell) Myth Trap.png(Spell) Cleanse Ward.png(Spell) Cleanse Charm.png(Spell) Natural Attack (Myth 105, 75%).png(Spell) Blood Bat.png(Spell) Cyclops.png(Spell) Humongofrog.png(Spell) Minotaur.png(Spell) Earthquake.png(Spell) Scorpion.png(Spell) Storm Shark.png(Spell) Frost Giant.png(Spell) Sunbird.png(Spell) Heck Hound.png
Gold (per creature or per solo boss fight)
182 - 209
Ashen Footwraps
Boots of the Bountiful (Icon) Accuracy.pngTotal Drop Reports: 3
Burning Boots
Frost Giant's Boots (Icon) Accuracy.pngTotal Drop Reports: 2 (Icon) WMV.pngWiki-Master Verified Drop
Rainstorm Waders (Icon) Accuracy.pngTotal Drop Reports: 2
Salamander-Hide Shoes (Icon) Accuracy.pngTotal Drop Reports: 3
Sandals of Neutrality (Icon) Accuracy.pngTotal Drop Reports: 2
Sandals of the Squall (Icon) Accuracy.pngTotal Drop Reports: 2
Shoes of the Whispering Dark
Wayfinder Boots (Icon) Accuracy.pngTotal Drop Reports: 15 (Icon) WMV.pngWiki-Master Verified Drop
Dauntless Dirk (Icon) Accuracy.pngTotal Drop Reports: 2
Treasure Cards
Pest Zapper (Icon) Accuracy.pngTotal Drop Reports: 2
Copper (Icon) Accuracy.pngTotal Drop Reports: 3
Lead (Icon) Accuracy.pngTotal Drop Reports: 2
Nickel (Icon) Accuracy.pngTotal Drop Reports: 2
Flaming Soup (Icon) Accuracy.pngTotal Drop Reports: 4
Golden Grapes (Icon) Accuracy.pngTotal Drop Reports: 2
Gummy Humongofrog (Icon) Accuracy.pngTotal Drop Reports: 3
King Banana (Icon) Accuracy.pngTotal Drop Reports: 3