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Creature:Dee Snidee (Tier 5)

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Dee Snidee (Tier 5)
Dee Snidee (Tier 5) Creature Image
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Rank12 Boss
School(Icon) Fire.png
Battle Statistics
Starting Pips5  (Icon) Pip.png / (Icon) Power Pip.png
Inc. Boost35% to  (Icon) Ice.png(Icon) Storm.png
Inc. Resist80% to (Icon) Fire.png
MinionsTwisted Kin (Tier 5),
Twisted Kin (Tier 5),
Twisted Kin (Tier 5)
Housing InstanceBaddle of the Bands - Baddle of the Bands (Tier 5)



"A challenger for the crown of rock? Meet the bad boys of rock'n'roll. You're so condescending, and your gall is never ending. If that's your best, Wizard, your best won't do. We're not gonna take it! Are you listening to me, Wizard? What do you want to do with your life!?"

Spell Notes

Quest Appearances

» Baddle of the Bands
(Spell) Furnace.png(Spell) Vengeance.png(Spell) Firespear.png(Spell) Fireblade.png(Spell) Fire Trap.png(Spell) Backdraft.png(Spell) Natural Attack (Fire 120-235-350).png(Spell) Scald.png(Spell) Fire Dragon.png(Spell) Lord of Blazes.png(Spell) Rain of Fire.png