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Creature:Cyn De Lobster (Tier 5)

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Cyn De Lobster (Tier 5)
Cyn De Lobster (Tier 5) Creature Image
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Rank12 Boss
School(Icon) Storm.png
Battle Statistics
Starting Pips5  (Icon) Pip.png / (Icon) Power Pip.png
Inc. Boost?? to  (Icon) Myth.png(Icon) Life.png(Icon) Fire.png
Inc. Resist80% to (Icon) Storm.png
MinionsGoonie (Tier 5),
Goonie (Tier 5),
Goonie (Tier 5)
Housing InstanceBaddle of the Bands - Baddle of the Bands (Tier 5)



"King Thermidor is the self-appointed king of rock, but he's little more than a lip-syncher in my book. Look, he sent a Wizard to play for him? I guess he's shown his true colors! Bring it, Wizard! I'll show you this girl just wants to have fun!"

Spell Notes

Natural Attack:

  • Deals an unknown quantity of Storm Damage (3 Pip maximum).

Quest Appearances

» Baddle of the Bands
(Spell) Infallible.png(Spell) Vengeance.png(Spell) Lightning Strike.png(Spell) Stormspear.png(Spell) Stormblade.png(Spell) Storm Trap.png(Spell) Enfeeble.png(Spell) Wild Bolt.png(Spell) Catalan.png(Spell) Leviathan.png(Spell) Storm Owl.png