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Creature:Barbarous Van Der Borst (Tier 5)

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Barbarous Van Der Borst (Tier 5)
Barbarous Van Der Borst (Tier 5) Creature Image
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Rank12 Boss
School(Icon) Myth.png
Battle Statistics
Starting Pips6  (Icon) Pip.png / (Icon) Power Pip.png
Inc. Boost35% to  (Icon) Storm.png(Icon) Death.png
Inc. Resist80% to (Icon) Myth.png
MinionsEdacious Ogre (Tier 5),
Edacious Ogre (Tier 5),
Rude Goblin (Tier 5)
Housing InstanceSpiral Cup Gauntlet - Spiral Cup Gauntlet (Tier 5)



"Last time the Goblins were in Wysteria, they brought back all of these colorful pamphlets. I've read a lot of good things about Pigswick Academy in these brochures. How fancy the program is. How expensive. How liberal-minded the course work is, and how restful the exam period. Pigswick sounds like a wonderful place! So wonderful that I wanted to start my own franchise. What better way than to seed my faculty with their plum staff? I've already headhunted a headmistress and a master of arms for my new school. Let's find out what position you should fill."


  • At the end of the first Round, this Boss says "Time for physical education!" and spawns his Minions.
    • The Minions have higher Health than in the last (Level 5) battle: the two Edacious Ogre (Tier 5) Minions have 3,430 versus 2,755 Health, and the Rude Goblin (Tier 5) has 2,850 versus 2,720 Health.
  • On every Round after the second Round, each Creature will use a Balanceblade (+35%) to the right Creature until the last Creature cheat-casts Tempest.
  • If the Minions are defeated before the Boss, he says "Time for extra credit!" and summons one Rude Goblin (Tier 5) Minion each Round, until all battle spaces are filled.

Spell Notes

Quest Appearances

» Master of Arms
(Spell) Amplify.png(Spell) Infallible.png(Spell) Mythblade.png(Spell) Balanceblade (+35%).png(Spell) Myth Trap.png(Spell) Time of Legend.png(Spell) Natural Attack (Myth 165-265-370, 80%).png(Spell) Humongofrog.png(Spell) Minotaur.png(Spell) Earthquake.png(Spell) Orthrus.png(Spell) Medusa.png(Spell) Basilisk.png