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Monstrology is an addition to Wizard101 that allows Wizards to capture the Animus of Creatures, and use it to create special items related to that Creature. Monstrology is an extension of Myth Magic, but can be practiced by Wizards of any Magical School.

Wizards who are at least Level 12 will be contacted by Monstrologist Burke to learn the fundamentals of Monstrology.

(NPC) Monstrologist Burke.png

Starting Monstrology

Once Wizards reach Level 12, they will have the option of starting Monstrology. Monstrologist Burke will appear via a Tutorial Tip, informing Wizards that the elective has become available to them. Wizards are then invited to meet her outside of the Myth Tower in Ravenwood to begin their learning.

Upon arrival, Burke will give Wizards the Quest "Know Thine Enemy". She will explain what Monstrology is during the introductory dialogue, and elaborate on its uses and benefits. After accepting the Quest, Wizards are given their first Animus Extraction Spell, Extract Undead, and are promoted to a Rank 1 "Rookie" Monstrologist.

For a complete table of Monstrological Creatures sorted by world, check this Creature Locator Table.

Animus Extracting Animus Animus

A Spell enchanted with an Animus Extraction Spell.

The purpose of Monstrology is to extract Animus, or a Creature's essence, from a target. This is performed by enchanting Damage Spells with special Animus Extraction Enchantments and attacking Creatures with those enchanted Spells. There are several Extraction Spells available to Monstrologists, and each one is meant to extract Animus from Creatures of specific species or classifications. When selecting a single target Animus Extraction Enchanted Spell, all Creatures that match the class of the Enchantment will blink this Icon, Animus, next to the name tag of the Creature. After being extracted, this Icon remains showing the phrase, Monster Animus Collected.

Different amounts of Animus can be earned depending on the circumstances, however, a Wizard must win the duel in order to keep the Animus. One Animus will be extracted if a Creature is hit with a Monstrologically-enchanted Spell (if they fit the category of the Enchantment), and an additional Animus can be extracted if they are defeated with a Monstrologically-enchanted Spell. Additionally, if a Wizard's rank in Monstrology exceeds the rank of the target Creature, then there is a chance for a second Animus to be extracted as well. A second Animus is guaranteed if the Wizard's rank is at least 5 above the target Creature's. The following Icon, Monstrology, will appear after an extraction below the Draw option. This Icon will list the amount of Animus collected from the Extracted Creatures.

There are also some conditions in which Animus may not be extracted from a Creature. Animus will not be extracted from a Creature if they do not fit the classification of the Animus Extraction Spell, and will not be awarded if a Wizard has fled and then later returned to a duel unless they use another Monstrologically-enchanted Damage Spell on their target. Also, if a Wizard's rank in Monstrology is lower than the Creature's rank, then there is a chance that Animus will not be extracted.

Animus Extraction Spells

Wizards are provided their first Animus Extraction Spell by Monstrologist Burke upon receiving their introductory Quest to Monstrology. More Extraction Spells can be found by finding Burke in other locations throughout the Spiral, where she sells Extraction Spells for Gold. There are currently 17 Animus Extraction Spells which are available to Monstrologists:

(Spell) Extract Undead.png (Spell) Extract Gobbler.png (Spell) Extract Mander.png (Spell) Extract Spider.png (Spell) Extract Colossus.png (Spell) Extract Cyclops.png (Spell) Extract Golems.png
(Spell) Extract Draconians.png (Spell) Extract Treant.png (Spell) Extract Imp.png (Spell) Extract Pig.png (Spell) Extract Elephant.png (Spell) Extract Wyrm.png (Spell) Extract Dinos.png
(Spell) Extract Parrot.png (Spell) Extract Insects.png (Spell) Extract Polar Bear.png

The Monstrology Tome

The Monstrology Tome is an encyclopedia of all of the Creatures in the Spiral that Monstrologists have successfully extracted Animus from. It contains frequently silly information about each Creature, images of those Creatures, and information about the different redeemable rewards for each Creature (more on Monstrology rewards below). It is accessed by pressing "T" on the keyboard, pressing the (Basic) Monstrology Left Arrow in Spellbook.png button while viewing equipment in the Backpack, or pressing the (Basic) Monstrology Right Arrow in Spellbook.png button while viewing Jewels in the Backpack.

Parts of the Monstrology Tome

(Basic) Monstrology Tome Entry.png (Basic) Monstrology Tome Boss Entry.png
  • 1: World Category, with number of Creatures extracted out of all extractable Creatures
  • 2: Image of the Creature
  • 3: School of the Creature
  • 4: Rank of the Creature
  • 5: If the Creature is a Boss, this symbol will be present
  • 6: Description of the Creature
  • 7: Tab for creating a Summon Creature Treasure Card, with creation requirements
  • 8: Tab for creating a House Guest of the Creature, with creation requirements
  • 9: Tab for creating an Expel Creature Treasure Card, if possible, with creation requirements

Monstrology Rewards

Partaking in the art of Monstrology allows Wizards to obtain rewards unlike any others that are obtainable throughout the Spiral. All Monstrological rewards require varying amounts of Animus Animus and Gold Alternate Gold to conjure, and are specific to the Creatures for which the Animus belongs to. These rewards can be crafted when viewing Creatures in the Monstrology Tome.

Monstrology Minion TC Monstrological Summoning Treasure Cards Monstrology Minion TC

(Treasure Card) Summon Lost Soul.png

Monstrological Summoning Treasure Cards are one of the three rewards that Animus can be used to create, and costs the least amount of Animus and Gold out of the three rewards.

As Monstrology is an extension of Myth Magic, all Monstrological Summoning Treasure Cards are of the Myth School, and do what Myth is known best for: summon Minions. All Monstrological Summoning Treasure Cards cost 2 Pips to cast, and when cast, they invoke an exact copy of the Creature to fight for Monstrologists as their Minion. For example, if a Monstrologist created a Summon Lost Soul Treasure Card, and cast it in a Duel, then they would summon a copy of the Lost Soul Creature that is found on Unicorn Way to fight for them. This copy includes replicating the appearance, health, rank, and Spell Deck of the Creature in question. However, Creatures that normally cheat will not do so when summoned through Monstrology. Also, Monstrological Minions cannot be summoned during PvP matches.

While Monstrologists can summon a Monstrological Minion whenever they can in a Duel, Conjurers get to reap extra benefits due to their association with Myth Magic; while Wizards of other Schools can only have 1 Minion present at a time, Myth Wizards can have up to three Monstrological Minions active in a Duel at once, in addition to their normally-summoned Minions.

Monstrology House Guest Monstrological House Guests Monstrology House Guest

Castle Decorators who take an interest in Monstrology can take advantage of the second kind of reward that Monstrology offers: House Guests. Typically costing the most Animus out of the 3 rewards, House Guests are replicas of the Creatures extracted through Monstrology, which can be placed inside of Castles as Decorations. These Guests will wander Castles, just as Pets and Mounts do, and will also count towards the 50-maximum Pet limit (even though the Monstrological House Guests are categorized under "Decorations").

Monstrology Expel TC Monstrological Expulsion Treasure Cards Monstrology Expel TC

(Treasure Card) Expel Lost Soul.png

The third and final reward available through Monstrology is the ability to create "Expel" Treasure Cards for Creatures. Like Monstrological Summoning Treasure Cards, they are all of the Myth School and all cost 2 Pips, but their use is quite different. These powerful Treasure Cards have the distinguished ability to instantly defeat any specific Creature. However, these Treasure Cards are only useful against the Creatures whom's Animus was used to create them; against any other opponent, they are worthless.

Not all Creatures can have Expulsion Treasure Cards created for them: Bosses usually do not have the ability to be expelled from a Duel; regular and Elite Creatures usually can be expelled from Duels. If a Creature cannot have an Expel card made for them, then this third option will not be available for that Creature in the Monstrology Tome.

Although Monstrological Expulsion Treasure Cards are classified as Damage Spells, they helpfully do not consume hanging effects such as Blades and Traps. These hanging effects are ignored entirely.

Animus Multipliers

In the Crown Shop is a Triple Animus Elixir which gives triple the base Animus Extracted.

During the Member Benefit, Double Animus, Members get double the base amount of Animus and double Monstrology XP.

Both the Elixir and Member Benefit stack, giving the Wizard 6 times the base amount of Animus extracted.

Monstrology Ranks

As Monstrologists collect Animus, they will also gain XP towards their Monstrology Rank. Higher level Monstrology Ranks will allow Monstrologists to successfully extract Animus from higher ranked Creatures. Extracting Animus from higher ranked Creatures will result in a greater yield of Monstrology XP, however, the amount of XP that can be earned decreases as Monstrologists' rank exceeds that of the target Creatures'. Once Monstrologists' rank is at least 6 above the rank of the target Creatures', then no Monstrology XP will be awarded.

Each Monstrology Rank unlocks a new Badge for Monstrologists to show off their rank. The table below shows the XP required to unlock each Monstrology Rank.

Rank Achieved Monstrology Level(s) XP Required to Next Rank Cumulative XP
Rookie Monstrologist Level 1 10 10
Novice Monstrologist Level 2 20 30
Tenderfoot Monstrologist Level 3 30 60
Neophyte Monstrologist Level 4 50 110
Apprentice Monstrologist Level 5 100 210
Initiate Monstrologist Level 6 145 355
Intermediate Monstrologist Level 7 180 535
Journeyman Monstrologist Level 8 220 755
Monstrology Specialist Level 9 250 1,005
Adept Monstrologist Level 10 280 1,285
Monstrology Whiz Level 11 330 1,615
Hotshot Monstrologist Level 12 390 2,005
Dexterous Monstrologist Level 13 450 2,455
Monstrology Virtuoso Level 14 485 2,940
Master Monstrologist Level 15 525 3,465
Grandmaster Monstrologist Level 16 580 4,045
Legendary Monstrologist Level 17 620 4,665
Gifted Monstrologist Level 18 690 5,355
Transcendent Monstrologist Level 19 775 6,130
Archmage Monstrologist Level 20 840 6,970
Promethean Monstrologist Level 21 930 7,900
Superior Monstrologist Level 22 1,050 8,950
Renowned Monstrologist Level 23 1,125 10,075
Illustrious Monstrologist Level 24 1,200 11,275
Exalted Monstrologist Level 25 1,300 12,575
Elevated Monstrologist Level 26 1,300 13,875
Grand Monstrologist Level 27 1,500 15,375
Prestigious Monstrologist Level 28 1,600 16,975
Superlative Monstrologist Level 29 - ??
Preeminent Monstrologist Level 30 - ??
All Monstrology Rank Badges

Monstrology Badges

Badge TitleBadge RequirementTop ◭
Plenty of AnimusExtract 100 Animus
Oodles of AnimusExtract 1,000 Animus
Hoards of AnimusExtract 10,000 Animus
Pockets Full of AnimusExtract 20,000 Animus
(Badges) Monstrology Badges.png