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Basic:Health, Mana, and Energy

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Health, Mana, and Energy are displayed in the bottom left corner of the screen as red, blue, and green globes.

When a Wizard levels up, the maximum values of these stats will permanently increase (see the Level Chart for more info).


(Icon) Health.png Health is indicated by the red globe.

Health decrease when damaged by spells in a duel. When a Wizard's Health reaches zero, that Wizard is defeated and is automatically transported back to the 'Commons' area of the current world.

Refilling Health

Health is automatically restored at a very slow rate while in neutral locations. This can be seen by the numbers that continually appear over the player's head. Mana does not recharge this way.
Health Wisps are small, red floating balls of energy that can be absorbed by walking through them. Red Wisps can be found in the Commons area, or in areas with Creatures roaming about. Each Red Wisp will restore around 25% of maximum Health, with the exception of the unique Red Wisps in Unicorn Way, which restore 40% Health.
Potions (see below)
Mini Games (see below)


(Icon) Mana.png Mana is indicated by the blue globe.

Mana decrease by casting Rank 1 or higher spells, at a rate equivalent to the rank of the spell (Fizzles, or failed spells, will use Mana, too). Mana will be completely drained after fleeing from a duel, so it will need to be refilled, partially or fully, before attempting to fight again. Player vs Player Duels in the Arena will not cause a Wizard to lose Mana.

Refilling Mana

Mana Wisps are small, blue floating balls of energy that can be absorbed by walking through them. Blue Wisps can be found in neutral areas, without Creatures. Each Blue Wisp will restore around 10% of maximum Mana.
Potions (see below)
Mini Games (see below)


(Icon) Energy.png Energy is indicated by the yellow, or green, globe.

Energy is used for Training Pets, Gardening, and Fishing.

Refilling Energy

Energy automatically refills by 1 every 10 minutes. (Subscribing members restore 1 Energy every 7 minutes and 30 seconds)
Energy Elixir - This is a Crown item that will refill Energy. It can be purchased in the Crown Shop for 250 Crowns.

Potions and Mini Games


(Icon) Potion.png Potions appear as purple flasks in the lower left corner of the screen. Clicking on a full potion (has a cork in the top) will refill Health and Mana.

Wizards can have up to 4 Potions. They are acquired in the following way:

Potions can be refilled by playing Mini Games (see below), or by paying gold to one of the Potion Vendors - Hilda Brewer in the Fairegrounds (picture at right), or Komeka Roundhorns in The Arcanum.

(NPC) Hilda Brewer.png

Mini Games

Mini Game Sigil in The Antheneum
Main page: Minigames

Every world has a Mini Game Sigil, indicated by the small fiery Global Spell tile. Mini Game Sigils are usually located in the Commons area, except for Dragonspyre, where they are in The Atheneum.

Mini Games refill Mana by default. A higher score will result in more Mana. If Mana is full, then the Mini Games will refill the Potion flasks.