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Gardening is an addition to Wizard101 that allows Wizards to have a "green thumb," and grow magical plants from all around the Spiral. Gardening is an optional part of the game, and can provide many rewards (see below) for your wizards to use in all elements of the game.

Wizards who are at least Level 12 will be called by Moolinda Wu to embark on the journey of Gardening.

(NPC) Moolinda Wu.png

Starting Gardening

Once your Wizard reaches Level 12, you have the option of starting Gardening. When you do, Moolinda Wu will appear via a tutorial tip on the right side of your screen asking you to stop by the School of Life.

When you arrive, she will give you the quest Green Acres. After completing this tutorial quest line with Farley in Golem Court, you will be promoted to a Level 1 (Novice) Gardener, and be given a few seeds and your first 4 Gardening Spells for free: (Small Soil, Medium Soil, Revive, and Plow).

Gardening Gardening Basics Gardening

Energy Energy Energy

Energy is required for Gardening and is represented by the green and yellow globe amidst your Health and Mana globes. Planting Seeds and casting Gardening Spells both require your Wizard to use various amounts of Energy. This Energy will recharge automatically but you can also refill it immediately by purchasing an Energy Elixir for 250 Crowns from the Crown Shop.

Energy Gear

Gear from all over the spiral give all sorts of boosts to energy. Gear from Hoard Packs tend to give among the best energy in the Spiral.
Set Name Hat Robe Boots Wand Total
Alpine Hunter's Set (Level 130+) +26 Energy +30 Energy +26 Energy +14 Energy +96 Energy
Light Elf's Set (Level 130+) +26 Energy +30 Energy +26 Energy +14 Energy +96 Energy
Snowdrifter's Set (Level 130+) +25 Energy +29 Energy +25 Energy +13 Energy +92 Energy
Greenwarden's Energetic Set (Level 100+) +21 Energy +26 Energy +22 Energy None +69 Energy
Pixie's Set (Level 90+) +12 Energy +22 Energy +17 Energy None +51 Energy
Splendid Set (Level 70+) +15 Energy +15 Energy +15 Energy None +45 Energy
Baconator Costume (Level 55+) +12 Energy +10 Energy +8 Energy None +30 Energy
Beastmaster Set (Any Level) +6 Energy +6 Energy +6 Energy None +18 Energy

Seed Seeds Seed

All plants come from a Seed. By scrolling your mouse over any seed, you can see its properties.

(Basic) Seed Properties Example.png
  • Name: The name of the seed is indicated in blue at the top of the box (Dandelion, Laugh-O-Dil, etc.)
  • Rewards: More Coins Gardening Reward indicate more rewards or more valuable rewards from plant harvests.
  • Challenge: More Shovels Gardening Difficulty indicate a higher level of difficulty in raising and caring for the plant.
  • Likes: Items listed here will increase the rate of growth for the plant when placed nearby (generally 10-25% each). While seeds don't specifically say so, all plants like the Pixie "pest" (see pests below) and the Red Barn Farm House and most plants like the Tropical Garden Gnome. Plants generally like certain Housing Items as well, though they don't specifically tell you which ones before they've been placed.
  • Dislikes: The opposite of Likes, most seeds have certain plants they dislike. Disliked plants will slow your plant's growth in the same way that Likes speed it up. Most (if not, all) plants dislike Stinkweed.
  • Level #+ Only: This number is the minimum Gardening Rank required to plant the seed.

Growing Spell Plant Stages Growing Spell

Plants can enter up to four healthy stages (Seedling, Young, Mature, and Elder) and up to two unhealthy stages (Wilting and Dead) throughout their lifetimes. From Seedling to Mature, they will become progressively difficult to maintain. Once they reach Elder however, they will no longer require any maintenance.
Healthy Stages

Unhealthy Stages

Seedling Seedling: Seedling is the first stage of life for a plant, and it will begin as soon as they are planted in a planter or in the ground, which will cost 2 Energy each. After a seed is planted, you can cast plant growth spells on it to help it flourish.

(Basic) Young Plant.png Young: Young is the next stage of life after Seedling. Plants will generally spend more time at this stage than they did at Seedling, and they will generally demand more of your attention as well.

(Basic) Mature Plant.png Mature: Mature is the next stage of life after Young. When a plant reaches this stage, it can be harvested after a certain length of time for rewards such as gold (see Gardening Rewards). You can harvest a Mature plant numerous times as long as they remain at that stage.

(Basic) Elder Plant.png Elder: Elder is the final stage of life after Mature. A plant can be harvested for much greater possible rewards immediately after reaching this stage. Once an Elder plant is harvested however, it will disappear forever. Casting the Second Spring Spell on an Elder plant will give it the appearance of a Mature plant, allowing you to keep it as a permanent housing decoration.
Wilting Plant Wilting: Wilting is a stage of life that a plant will enter if its needs or pests are neglected after a certain length of time. Taking care of its needs or pests in time will allow it to become a healthy Young plant again.

Dead Plant Dead: Dead is a stage of life that a plant will enter if it remains at the Wilting stage for too long. Once a plant reaches this stage, there are only two options: spend 1 Energy to Plow it over or spend 30 Energy to Revive it as a Seedling.

Pollination Gardening Needs Pollination

There are 5 different "Needs" that plants may get while growing.
Sunshine Sunshine Rain Rain Magic Magic Music Music Pollination Pollination
Various Gardening Spells provide these needs to keep the plant healthy and happy. Higher ranked Gardening Spells can provide a need over larger areas, and special treasure cards may target the entire inside or outside of a house.

Pest Spell Pests Pest Spell

Pests are dangerous obstacles to Gardening. There are different ranks of pests; higher ranks require higher level Pest or Pest prevention spells.
Pest Name Pest Rank Spells that kill/prevent Pest
Fly Swarm Rank 1 Bug Bolt, Pungent Bug Spray, and Putrid Bug Spray
Ghoulish Wisps Rank 2 Gusty Winds, Pest Zapper, and Massive Pest Zapper
Lightning Bugs Rank 2 Gusty Winds, Pest Zapper, and Massive Pest Zapper
Stink Bugs Rank 3 Deep Freeze and Dragonflies
Explosion Gnats Rank 4 Pest Bomb and Miniature Bloodbats
Garden Imps Rank 5 Fly Swatter and Baby Sunbird
Rhino Beetles Rank 6 Itsy Bitsy Spider and Strawman
Fire Ants Rank 7 Ant Lion
  • Pixies are a special kind of pest that certain plants can attract. All plants like Pixies and the plant's growth rate is increased by them. When a plant has a Pixie attached to it, it will not attract any other pest.

(Spell) Revive.png Gardening Spells (Spell) Revive.png

Gardening Spells are different from normal spells. They cost Energy instead of Pips and are not used in combat. They are purchased with Gold from Gardening Trainers instead of learned with Training Points TrainingPoint. To see Gardening Spells in your Spellbook, press "P" on your keyboard and click the (Basic) Plant Arrow in Spell Book.png button. To see your Gardening Treasure Cards, then click the Treasure Card tab to see which you have and how many of each you possess.
  • You can also access the garden spells by opening up the housing section of your backpack and clicking the Seed tab in the housing section of your backpack. At the bottom right, to the left of the trashcan, you will see (Basic) Gardening Spell Box Text.png, click it to access spells.

(Basic) Gardening Spell Example.png
  • The top text is the name of the Spell
  • The circle in the top right corner with a plant in it indicates the Gardening School
  • The upside down triangle in the top left corner with the number indicates the level of the Spell
  • The Energy globe with the number in it in the bottom left corner indicates how much Energy that Spell costs
  • The square in the bottom right corner indicates what type of Spell it is (see below)
  • The bottom text explains the effects of the Spell

Gardening Utility Spell Gardening Spell Types Gardening Utility Spell

Soil Spell Soil spells create an area of space to plant your seeds and garden them. Such spells include Large Soil.
Growing Spell Growing spells provide your plant with its needs. These spells include Bee Swarm, Flute Duet, and Touch of Magic.
Pest Spell Pest spells remove pests that are attacking your plants. Higher ranked pest spells will kill higher ranked pests. These spells include
Deep Freeze and Fly Swatter.
Other Pest spells, like Pest Zapper, will prevent certain ranked pests from attacking your plants for a certain period of time.
Gardening Utility Spell Utility spells are some of the most important gardening spells. The Plow spell lets you destroy a plant or patch of soil. The Revive
spell will resurrect a dead plant and return it to its young state.

(Treasure Card) Dragonflies.png Gardening Treasure Cards (Treasure Card) Dragonflies.png

Gardening Treasure Cards are like other Treasure Cards in that they are single-use, and they use Energy like other Gardening Spells. These Treasure Cards are not sold by vendors, and can only be obtained through creature drops, chests, Gardening harvests, and Moolinda's Green Thumb Pack. You will not be able to access any current Gardening Treasure Cards until you have completed the quest Growing Pains.

Gardening Ranks

As you grow and harvest more plants, you will gain Gardening XP and higher Gardening ranks. Higher Gardening ranks earn you the ability to purchase more powerful Gardening Spells and grow higher ranked Seeds. They also may upgrade your Gardening title and let you display a badge showing off your title (you can only show a badge for your current title). The table below shows the progression of titles, and the XP required to advance each rank in Gardening.

Title Achieved Gardening Ranks XP Required to Next Rank Cumulative XP
Novice Gardener Rank 1 20 20
Neophyte Gardener Rank 2 100 120
Apprentice Gardener Rank 3 200 320
Initiate Gardener Rank 4 500 820
Intermediate Gardener Rank 5 1,000 1,820
Journeyman Gardener Rank 6 2,000 3,820
Expert Gardener Rank 7 4,000 7,820
Adept Gardener Rank 8 7,000 14,820
Master Gardener Rank 9 11,000 25,820
Grandmaster Gardener Rank 10 160,000 185,820
Rank 11 200,000 385,820
Rank 12 250,000 635,820
Rank 13 312,500 948,320
Rank 14 390,625 1,338,945
Legendary Gardener Rank 15 439,450 1,778,395
Rank 16 494,380 2,272,775
Rank 17 556,175 2,828,950
Rank 18 625,700 3,454,650
Rank 19 703,900 4,158,550
Verdant Gardener Rank 20 0 4,862,450
All Gardening Badges

Obtaining Seeds

(NPC) Farley.png
Gold Bought Seeds Gold
  • Seeds can be purchased for gold from the following characters located throughout The Spiral:
  • They can be more expensive than the Bazaar, but they never run out of stock.
  • It is important to note that all Gardening Vendors sell a very specific and limited set of Seeds.
  • Many of the Card Packs available from the Crown Shop provide a chance of obtaining a Seed when you purchase them. While some of these seeds are only available from Card Packs, it is important to remember that what you get from a pack is somewhat random and the Seeds have variable rarities.
  • All Auctionable Seeds (ones that don't say "No Auction") can be bought and sold through The Bazaar, many of which you cannot find on Vendors.
  • The Seeds are sorted by name and can be further sorted by level, cost, number in the Bazaar, etc.
Damage Spell Creature Drops Damage Spell
  • Most Creatures can drop Seeds like other Items by being defeated in a Duel. These drops are not guaranteed in any given fight, and you should check the page of the Dropped Seed you want to see which Creature might drop it.
Gardening Gardening Gardening
  • Many Plants can yield other Seeds through Harvests. This is a common way to keep a garden going without having to Duel a creature or buy other seeds.
XP Quest Rewards XP
(House) Golden Chest.png Treasure Chests (House) Golden Chest.png

Gardening Rewards

All of the following are rewards available through Gardening:

Gold Gold Gold
Reagent Gardened Reagents Reagent
Snack Gardened Pet Snacks Snack
Treasure Card Gardened Treasure Cards Treasure Card
  • You can obtain both Combat and Gardening Treasure Cards from harvesting plants.
Seed Gardened Seeds Seed
  • Continue to garden by earning new seeds as you harvest! Generally, these seeds will be the same as the plant that gave them (Example: Evil Magma Peas will give one Evil Magma Peas seed at Elder).

Handy Gardening Categories

Seed Categories

Seeds(3 C, 109 P)
Bought Seeds(10 C, 97 P)
Crafted Seeds(10 P)
Dropped Seeds(19 C, 94 P)
Gardened Seeds(86 P)
Quest Reward Seeds(5 C, 16 P)
Seeds by Rank(8 C)
Rank 1 Seeds(34 P)
Rank 2 Seeds(23 P)
Rank 3 Seeds(17 P)
Rank 4 Seeds(13 P)
Rank 5 Seeds(5 P)
Rank 6 Seeds(8 P)
Rank 7 Seeds(3 P)
Rank 8 Seeds(6 P)
Seeds by World(20 C)
Arcanum Seeds(1 C, 63 P)
Avalon Seeds(3 C, 35 P)
Azteca Seeds(2 C, 38 P)
Celestia Seeds(2 C, 25 P)
Crown Shop Only Seeds(14 P)
Dragonspyre Seeds(1 C, 11 P)
Empyrea Seeds(1 C, 86 P)
Grizzleheim Seeds(2 C, 31 P)
Karamelle Seeds(1 C, 83 P)
Khrysalis Seeds(3 C, 40 P)
Krokotopia Seeds(2 C, 36 P)
Lemuria Seeds(1 C, 87 P)
Marleybone Seeds(1 C, 39 P)
Mirage Seeds(1 C, 74 P)
MooShu Seeds(2 C, 28 P)
Polaris Seeds(1 C, 77 P)
Wizard City Seeds(3 C, 86 P)
Wysteria Seeds(2 C, 15 P)
Zafaria Seeds(3 C, 38 P)

Gardening Spells

Gardening Spells(5 C, 91 P)
Gardening Treasure Cards(1 C, 43 P)
Growing Spells(42 P)
Pest Spells(31 P)
Soil Spells(6 P)

Gardening Spell Trainers

Gardening Trainer(7 P)

Gardening Vendors

Gardening Vendor(10 P)


Pests(9 P)