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Fishing is an addition to Wizard101 that allows Wizards to magically fish from the many sources of water throughout the Spiral. Fishing is optional and is intended to serve as a pastime. Fishing can also provide various rewards for Wizards all around. Many fish are also required in crafting recipes throughout the Spiral.

Wizards who are at least Level 7 will be called by Lucky Hookline to learn the skills of Fishing.

(NPC) Lucky Hookline.png

Starting Fishing

Fish Example

Fishing becomes available to Wizards at Level 7. Lucky Hookline will appear via a tutorial tip on the right side of the screen letting Wizards know he is near the pond in The Commons. Upon arrival, he will give the quest A River Runs Through It. During the dialogue, he explains the basics of Fishing, and how Fish are stored and recorded. Once the quest is accepted, Wizards are immediately given their first Fishing Spell, the Lesser Frost Lure, for free, and are promoted to a Level 1 (Novice) Angler.

Fish Fishing Basics Fish

Energy Energy Energy

Energy is required for Fishing and is represented by the green and yellow globe near the Health and Mana globes. Using Fishing Spells and failing to catch a Fish require various amounts of Energy to be used. This Energy will recharge automatically but can also refilled immediately by purchasing an Energy Elixir for 250 Crowns from the Crown Shop.

Energy Gear

Gear from all over the Spiral give all sorts of boosts to energy. Gear from Hoard Packs tend to give the most Energy. Gear with additional Fishing Luck is available from Brandon Mistborn for Arena Tickets.

Set Name Hat Robe Boots Wand Total
Alpine Hunter's Set (Level 130+) +26 Energy +30 Energy +26 Energy +14 Energy +96 Energy
Light Elf's Set (Level 130+) +26 Energy +30 Energy +26 Energy +14 Energy +96 Energy
Snowdrifter's Set (Level 130+) +25 Energy +29 Energy +25 Energy +13 Energy +92 Energy
Greenwarden's Energetic Set (Level 100+) +21 Energy +26 Energy +22 Energy None +69 Energy
Pixie's Set (Level 90+) +12 Energy +22 Energy +17 Energy None +51 Energy
Splendid Set (Level 70+) +15 Energy +15 Energy +15 Energy None +45 Energy
Baconator Costume (Level 55+) +12 Energy +10 Energy +8 Energy None +30 Energy
Beastmaster Set (Any Level) +6 Energy +6 Energy +6 Energy None +18 Energy
Seafarer's Set (Any Level) +10 Energy
+10% Fishing Luck
+7 Energy
+7% Fishing Luck
+7 Energy
+7% Fishing Luck
None +24 Energy
+24% Fishing Luck
Beachcomber's Set (Any Level) +5 Energy
+5% Fishing Luck
+5 Energy
+5% Fishing Luck
+5 Energy
+5% Fishing Luck
None +15 Energy
+15% Fishing Luck
Mariner's Set (Any Level) +2 Energy
+2% Fishing Luck
+2 Energy
+2% Fishing Luck
+2 Energy
+2% Fishing Luck
None +6 Energy
+6% Fishing Luck

Gaining Experience

Whenever Wizards catch a Fish, they will gain fishing experience. Catching a Fish for the first time gives 100 times the normal experience of catching the same Fish again. Catching Rare Fish and Epic Fish will give more experience than catching Common Fish.

How to Fish

Currently, fishing ponds are available in portions of Wizard City, Krokotopia, MooShu, Dragonspyre, Celestia, Zafaria, Avalon, Azteca, Khrysalis, and Grizzleheim; as well as Houses purchased through Bundles such as The Botanical Garden. The fishing icon will automatically pop up on the right side of the screen when close to a fishable body of water.

(Basic) Accessing Fishing Controls.png (Basic) Fishing Controls.png
Clicking the icon will bring up the Fishing GUI All fishing is performed using spells. After selecting the fishing icon, wizards are presented with a fishing spell interface which allows for selecting either Catching Spells (in the form of school-specific lures) or Utility Spells.

Types of Fish

See the Fish Locator Table for a full list of Fish and where they are found.

Fish Schools

Balance Fish
Death Fish
Fire Fish
Ice Fish
Life Fish
Myth Fish
Storm Fish

Sentinel Fish Sentinel Fish Sentinel Fish

Sentinels are a tricky type of Fish that are out to keep their fellow fishy friends from being caught. Sentinels will protect the other Fish by scaring away Fish that are nibbling on Lures, or they may even steal the Lures outright.

Sentinels have unique silhouettes that are so easy to identify, but it takes skill for Wizards to separate them from their desired Fish. However, using a Banish Sentinels Spell will clear the pond of all Sentinels!

Sentinel Fish: (Spell) Banish Sentinels 1.png (Spell) Banish Sentinels 2.png

Fish Rank 1 Fish by Rank Fish Rank 3

Different kinds of Fish are ranked differently, and this classification depends on their degree of difficulty being caught. Any Fish can be caught using any Lure, but using a higher rank Lure gives a higher chance of catching higher rank Fish.

Rank 1 Lures

(Spell) Lesser Frost Lure.png (Spell) Lesser Harmony Lure.png (Spell) Lesser Repose Lure.png (Spell) Lesser Flame Lure.png (Spell) Lesser Vitality Lure.png (Spell) Lesser Fable Lure.png (Spell) Lesser Spark Lure.png

Rank 2 Lures

(Spell) Minor Frost Lure.png (Spell) Minor Harmony Lure.png (Spell) Minor Repose Lure.png (Spell) Minor Flame Lure.png (Spell) Minor Vitality Lure.png (Spell) Minor Fable Lure.png (Spell) Minor Spark Lure.png

Rank 3 Lures

(Spell) Common Frost Lure.png (Spell) Common Harmony Lure.png (Spell) Common Repose Lure.png (Spell) Common Flame Lure.png (Spell) Common Vitality Lure.png (Spell) Common Fable Lure.png (Spell) Common Spark Lure.png

Rare Fish Fish by Rarity Epic Fish

There are three types of rarities that a Fish can come in: Common, Rare, and Epic. These rarities represent how often Fish can be found skulking around in their native ponds. Common Fish are generally much easier to come by, while Rare Fish are a bit more uncommon. Epic Fish are true to their name and will do their best to evade Wizards by appearing in ponds very rarely. The rarer the fish, the more gold it sells for.

Small Fry Fish by Size Whopper

Fish can come in 3 different sizes: Small Fry, Keeper, and Whopper. Small Fries and Whoppers sell for more gold than a Keeper.

Fish by Tank Size

Fish have many different Aquarium sizes. Fish have 3 different classifications for these Aquariums, which include Regular, Tall, and Large. Regular is the most common Aquarium size used by Fish. Tall generally consists of Jellyfish and Squids while Large is mostly for Stingrays and other large Fish, such as a Hippo Tang. The aquarium type the fish can fit into depends on the aquarium class the fish belongs to as well as its size. For example, a Keeper Freshlava Smelt, which is a Regular Fish, requires a Regular Keeper Aquarium. Meanwhile, a whopper version of the Freshlava Smelt would require a Regular Whopper Aquarium.

Another type of aquarium is a multi-aquarium which can add up to 9 Fish in the tank. These only include Small Fry or Keeper sizes of the 3 Aquarium classes.

Aquariums can be crafted from Recipes from Eudora Tangletree in Olde Town or Frode Silverscale in Northguard. Special holiday and seasonal tanks are also available during specific events in the Crown Shop.

Fishing Ranks

Catching more Fish means gaining more Fishing XP, resulting in higher Fishing Levels. Higher Fishing Levels allow Wizards to purchase more powerful Fishing Spells that make it easier to catch higher ranked Fish. Each Fishing Rank unlocks a new Badge for Wizards to show off their rank. The table below shows the XP required to unlock each Fishing Rank.

Rank Achieved Fishing Level(s) XP Required to Next Rank Cumulative XP
Novice Angler Level 1 1,500 1,500
Neophyte Angler Level 2 3,870 5,370
Apprentice Angler Level 3 7,425 12,795
Initiate Angler Level 4 12,165 24,960
Intermediate Angler Level 5 18,090 43,050
Journeyman Angler Level 6 25,200 68,250
Expert Angler Level 7 33,495 101,745
Adept Angler Level 8 42,975 144,720
Master Fish Angler Level 9 53,640 198,360
Grandmaster Angler Level 10 65,760 264,120
Legendary Angler Level 11 78,525 342,645
Transcendent Angler Level 12 78,525 421,170
Archmage Angler Level 13 78,525 499,695
Promethean Angler Level 14 78,525 578,220
Exalted Angler Level 15 78,525 656,745
All Fishing Badges

Fishing Badges

Page 1

Badge TitleBadge RequirementTop ◭
Gone Fishin'Catch 1 Fish
Fishy BusinessCatch 10 different species of Fish
Deep Sea ProCatch 1 Whopper Fish
Catch of the DayCatch 1 Small Fry Fish
Hook, Line and SinkerCatch 25 different species of Fish
SkipperCatch 50 different species of Fish
Angler ManagementCatch 100 Fish (including Chests)
(Badges) Fishing Page 1.png
Page 2

Badge TitleBadge RequirementTop ◭
Master CasterCatch 200 Fish (including Chests)
Baited BreathCatch 500 Fish (including Chests)
Drop the BassCatch 1,000 Fish (including Chests)
Fish WhispererCatch 2,500 Fish (including Chests)
Medal CatcherEarn a medal in the fishing tournament
Catcher of the WeekCatch 7 consecutive unique Catch of the Day fish
Clutch CatcherCatch 25 unique Catch of the Day fish
(Badges) Fishing Page 2.png
Page 3

Badge TitleBadge RequirementTop ◭
Dragonspyre AnglerComplete the Catch 'Em If You Can quest
Bass MasterCatch 4,000 Fish (including Chests)
Honest AnglerCatch 75 different species of Fish
Fisher King /
Fisher Queen
Catch 100 different species of Fish
Badge displays "King" or "Queen" dependent on gender of the Wizard.
Fishing BadgeChanged with each Fishing Rank obtained
(Badges) Fishing Page 3.png

Fish Categories

Fish by Rarity

Fish by Rarity(4 C)
Common Fish(149 P)
Epic Fish(28 P)
Rare Fish(18 P)
Seasonal Fish(24 P)

Fish by Rank

Fish by Rank(3 C)
Rank 1 Fish(78 P)
Rank 2 Fish(96 P)
Rank 3 Fish(44 P)

Fish by World

Fish by World(13 C)
Avalon Fish(41 P)
Azteca Fish(43 P)
Celestia Fish(22 P)
Dragonspyre Fish(28 P)
Grizzleheim Fish(41 P)
Housing Item Fish(120 P)
Khrysalis Fish(48 P)
Krokotopia Fish(47 P)
Marleybone Fish(8 P)
MooShu Fish(51 P)
Raid Fish(1 C)
Wizard City Fish(63 P)
Zafaria Fish(50 P)

Fish by School

Fish by School(7 C)
Balance School Fish(29 P)
Death School Fish(31 P)
Fire School Fish(34 P)
Ice School Fish(28 P)
Life School Fish(33 P)
Myth School Fish(32 P)
Storm School Fish(31 P)

Fish by Aquarium Size

Large Aquarium Fish(10 P)
Regular Aquarium Fish(197 P)
Tall Aquarium Fish(11 P)