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Deckathalons are special events that KingsIsle activates from time to time. There is no specific date for these events and they last for a week at a time.


Gamma the Owl resides in the Wizard City Library to inform Wizards about the events.

Courtesy of the KingsIsle Wizard101 website:

Come one, come all to the... Deckathalon for Wizards level 10 and above! When a Deckathalon is run, Gamma the Owl in the Wizard City Library will have all the information you need for these new exciting limited time events. You can enter the tower for free twice per day when an event is running. You’re allowed no bonuses from your gear, weapons, no prepared spells, none of the normal comforts of Wizarding you normally enjoy.

It’s a long way up to the top of the 30 floors of the newly expanded Deckathalon Towers, but each school’s Professor is waiting to duel Deckathletes that rise to the challenge! They don’t expect to battle many opponents the first time around as it’s a significant challenge simply to get there, but you never know...

Deckathalons are community events that challenge Wizards against special Creatures to earn unique rewards. Deckathalons restrict friends, potions, elixirs, henchmen, and stat boosts from Wizards' normal gear, Pets, and Spells; Wizards are only permitted to use Treasure Cards (Enchanted Treasure Cards, Polymorphs and Monstrology Treasure Cards excluded), their Decks, and whatever May Cast Spells their Pet and gear provide, along with preset stats. Each Deckathalon's theme is related to a specific School of Magic, and has increasing levels of difficulty as Wizards progress further into the event. Completing daily tasks and battling enemies inside of the Deckathalon event will earn Wizards points, which will affect their standing on a community leaderboard. At the end of a Deckathalon, prizes are distributed to Wizards based on how many points they accumulated, with the top ranking Wizards receiving greater rewards.

Entering the Deckathalon Event

This Portal leads Wizards to their desired Stage within the Deckathalon event.

To enter the Deckathalon event Tower, Wizards must spend a Credit. Three Credits can be redeemed from the Event Portal in the Arena each day while the Deckathalon event is active. When a Wizard has no Credits remaining, they must wait to redeem more the next day.

Upon approaching and interacting with the Deckathalon Event Portal in the Deckathalon section of the Arena, Wizards will receive a pop-up that explains the rules and restrictions of the Deckathalon. From this Portal menu, Wizards can select which Stage of the event that they wish to enter. Wizards start at Stage 1, and unlock each following Stage up until Stage 10 by beating the previous one. After selecting the desired Stage, Wizards can then spend a Credit and enter the Deckathalon event Tower. Wizards can progress through as many levels as they are able using a single Credit, until they are defeated or choose to exit the Tower.

(Basic) Deckathalon Portal Menu.png

Deckathalon Stages

This Frostbite Colossus can be found during the Ice Deckathalon event, with special icons surrounding its name that indicate their event status.
Defeating enemies within the event Tower will earn Points.

Each Stage within the Deckathalon event Tower has 3 levels, with each successive level containing more difficult opponents. Wizards that enter must complete all 3 levels in one run in order to reach a checkpoint, which will unlock the next Stage if it was not already unlocked. If a Wizard is defeated before completing all 3 levels within a Stage, then the Wizard must spend another Credit and start from the beginning. Wizards will not get a chance to collect Health or Mana Wisps while inside of the Deckathalon event Tower, so those numbers must be watched wisely; if a Wizard runs out of Mana in the middle of their run, they will have to leave and start over.

Once a Stage has been completed, the next Stage will be unlocked, which will contain even stronger foes. Wizards who enter higher Stages will experience a greater challenge within, but will also earn better loot and a greater amount of Points towards their standing on the Deckathalon leaderboard should they find success.


As Wizards progress up the Deckathalon Tower, they will find enemies will increase in difficulty through more health, higher ranked Spells, increased armor piercing, an increasing buff to outgoing Damage, and a chance to gain Power Pips. Enemies on higher floors will also have more resistance to Damage of their own School (with the exception of Balance enemies, who have a boost to incoming Balance Damage), although the boost received from Damage of Schools they are weak to will remain the same.

All enemies in the Deckathalon have a cheat in order to punish passivity in the Tower. If a Wizard does not cast a Spell for 3 Rounds in a row (including passing, fizzling, or being stunned), enemies will cheat cast a Global Spell which gives +25% Damage to their own School (+35% for the Ice and Life events). After a further 3 Rounds of inactivity, enemies will cast another Global which gives +40% Damage (+50% for the Ice and Life events). Spells cast by Minions or Pets will not stop this cheat from activating.


For participating in Deckathalons, Wizards can receive a trove of different kinds of rewards. As drops from enemies within the Deckathalon Towers, Wizards can receive both Treasure Cards and Deckathalon-exclusive Reagents called Runes. Along with drops, Wizards will receive Deckathalon Points for defeating monsters inside of the event Towers, which unlock higher tiers of prizes as more are accumulated.

Reagents and Recipes

Different Runes are used for different Recipes.
Monsters found in Deckathalon events drop event-exclusive Rune Reagents. If a Wizard makes it to the end of a Stage, a Recipe Vendor named Kara Runewright will appear. Kara offers different Recipes depending on the Stage that she appears in, offering higher level Recipes in higher level Stages. These Recipes include Treasure Cards, Deckathalon Decks, Elixirs and Housing Items, which require the Rune Reagents that are dropped in the Towers.
(Basic) Deckathalon End of Stage.png


(Basic) Deckathalon Earning Points.png

Points serve various purposes during Deckathalon events, and have two modes of earning. During Deckathalon event periods, Wizards can earn a maximum of twenty Points per day for each Treasure Card they use (inside or outside of the Deckathalon event Towers), and an unlimited amount of Points per day equal to the ranks of enemies that they defeat within the Deckathalon Towers.

(Basic) Deckathalon Individual Progress.png

Competing Wizards can hit increasingly higher Point milestones that will earn them better rewards over the duration of the event, which can be earned by all Deckathletes.

(Basic) Deckathalon Leaderboards.png

However, there is also a leaderboard that displays the highest Point-earning Deckathletes, with the top three Wizards receiving a trophy Housing Item to commemorate their success. There are also badges to reward the top 100, top 10, and first place Wizards.

Types of Deckathalons

In each Deckathalon, Wizards receive a set of preset stats while inside the tower, as well as mastery of all seven Schools, to help them as they battle their way up the ten Stages. Every Tower has different Creatures and different rewards depending on the School the Event is based on.

See the individual Deckathalon Event pages for more information about individual Towers and rewards.

(Icon) Balance.png Balance Deckathalon Event (Icon) Balance.png

(Icon) Death.png Death Deckathalon Event (Icon) Death.png

(Icon) Fire.png Fire Deckathalon Event (Icon) Fire.png

(Icon) Ice.png Ice Deckathalon Event (Icon) Ice.png

(Icon) Life.png Life Deckathalon Event (Icon) Life.png

(Icon) Myth.png Myth Deckathalon Event (Icon) Myth.png

(Icon) Storm.png Storm Deckathalon Event (Icon) Storm.png