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Basic:Creating a Character

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Welcome to Wizard City! Here is a Message from Merle Ambrose.

After Creating an Account, the headmaster Merle Ambrose will guide you through creating your first wizard character. Each Account can have a maximum of six wizards.


At Ravenwood, each Wizard enrolls in one of the seven primary schools of magic:

School of Fire School of Storm School of Ice
(Icon) Fire.png (Icon) Storm.png (Icon) Ice.png
School of Balance
(Icon) Balance.png
School of Life School of Myth School of Death
(Icon) Life.png (Icon) Myth.png (Icon) Death.png

To help choose a school, each Wizard can take a Quiz from the Book of Secrets. This Quiz is not mandatory and Wizards may skip the quiz if they want to (click SKIP THE TEST in the lower left or you can choose a different school after completing the quiz).

Be sure about your choice, as a Wizard can never change their primary school!

It is best to visit each primary school's page above and read about the strengths and weaknesses between them. The differences between schools become greater as time goes on. Here is quick summary:

has high damage and spells that do damage over time but has relatively low health
has the most powerful damage spells but also the highest "fizzle" or failure rate and the lowest health
has high Health and defenses, but not as much damage as Storm or Fire
has a variety of different spell types as the central school between all schools
has healing spells and low damage but the highest success rate of casting
has the most Minion spells, has attack + stun spells, and many manipulative effect spells
has spells that hurt enemies and heal the player simultaneously
In general, the higher the damage of the school's spells, the higher the fizzle (failure) rate for casting spells from that school.


(Basic) Character Creation Gender.png You choose if your Wizard is a boy or a girl.


(Basic) Character Creation Name.png You choose your Wizard's Name. You generate a name by picking from three lists: First Name; First part of your Last Name; and Second Part of your Last Name. For example, you can make the name Andrew ThunderCaller. Each part of the last name can be "(None)", but cannot have "(None)" as a first name. You can click the "Random" button to get a randomized name for all parts of your name.

Visit Character Names for more details about your player name and a full list of name choices.


Finally, you customize your character by selecting each of the following:
  • Face Type
    • Face Color
  • Hair Style
    • Hair Color
  • Hat Colors
  • Robe Colors
  • Boot Colors

Starting Play

Your newly created Wizard will be visible on the Character Selection Screen with any other characters you have created. Each time you play, you decide which Wizard you want to adventure with by clicking on them.
  • If you want to make another Wizard, press the "NEW" button on the Character Selection Screen.
  • Click "PLAY" to join your selected Wizard in the magical universe of The Spiral.
  • All new Wizards begin the game with the basic Tutorial quest, which shows you the Basics of Gameplay and introduces you to the first Storyline. You can skip the tutorial if you already know what you are doing. You still receive the experience when you skip.

Please visit the Basic Game Information Wiki Portal page if you need more Basic Game Information.