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Basic:Castle Magic

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Castle Magic is a unique way for Wizards to take Castle decorating to the next level through the use of Magical Items and special Treasure Cards. Wizards may be introduced to this spectacle once they have obtained access to the world of Marleybone, where a dog named Babbage Basset can show them the ropes.
(NPC) Babbage Basset.png

Introduction to Castle Magic

Courtesy of Wizard101:
Take your Castle to an all new level of complexity and fun with Castle Magic! To begin, locate Babbage Basset in Regent's Square of Marleybone and take his new quest, “Strange Charms.” Basset will give you a “Castle Magic Help Tome” that you can place in your house.

(Icon) Castle Magic.png Castle Magic Fundamentals (Icon) Castle Magic.png

Babbage Basset, located outside of Marleybone's Royal Museum, has set up his magical shop and is prepared to teach curious Wizards the wonders of Castle Magic. Basset gives Wizards a Quest, Strange Charms, which will take Wizards through a tutorial of Castle Magic's basics. Basset also provides some free Castle Magic Treasure Cards and Magical Items to Wizards in order to complete the tutorial. Once Wizards have completed the tutorial, they can purchase additional items and Treasure Cards from Basset's usual spot.

(Icon) Castle Magic All Spells.png Castle Magic Treasure Cards (Icon) Castle Magic All Spells.png

Castle Magic Spells are notable in that there are none which may be permanently learned; all Castle Magic Spells are Treasure Cards. However, unlike traditional Treasure Cards and Gardening Treasure Cards, Castle Magic Treasure Cards are affixed to special Magical Items, which serve as triggers for the Treasure Cards' effects. There are four different categories of Castle Magic Treasure Cards:

(Icon) Action Spell.png Action Spells are used to make objects in a Castle do different things or perform in different ways. For example, Action Spells can change the visibility and tangibility of objects, move objects, and rotate objects in a Castle.
(Icon) Effect Spell.png Effect Spells can temporarily summon Creatures or Spells that would normally be seen in a Duel, and also make it possible to hear sounds not normally heard in a Castle.
(Icon) Castle Magic Utility Spell.png Utility Spells are Spells which activate or change the functions of other Housing Items, or Magical Items used for Castle Magic.
(Icon) Computer Spell.png Computer Spells are specifically used to operate Magic Computers.

Magical Items

Magical Items are special Housing Items which can hold and utilize Castle Magic Treasure Cards. Each Item has a different trigger which activates its functionality, and will perform the Spell(s) that is affixed inside of it when activated/deactivated. Each Magical Item's use is explained explicitly in the Castle Magic Help Tome, which is also sold by Babbage Basset.

Castle Magic Help Tome

The following images are taken from the Castle Magic Help Tome:

Basic Help

(Basic) Guide Castle Magic (Basic Help) 1.png

(Basic) Guide Castle Magic (Basic Help) 2.png

(Basic) Guide Castle Magic (Basic Help) 3.png

(Basic) Guide Castle Magic (Basic Help) 4.png

(Basic) Guide Castle Magic (Basic Help) 5.png

An Example

(Basic) Guide Castle Magic (An Example) 1.png

(Basic) Guide Castle Magic (An Example) 2.png

(Basic) Guide Castle Magic (An Example) 3.png

(Basic) Guide Castle Magic (An Example) 4.png

(Basic) Guide Castle Magic (An Example) 5.png

(Basic) Guide Castle Magic (An Example) 6.png

(Basic) Guide Castle Magic (An Example) 7.png

(Basic) Guide Castle Magic (An Example) 8.png

Magic Wall Button

(Basic) Guide Castle Magic (Magic Button) 1.png

Magic Lever

(Basic) Guide Castle Magic (Magic Lever) 1.png

Magic Brazier

(Basic) Guide Castle Magic (Magic Brazier) 1.png

Magic Timer

(Basic) Guide Castle Magic (Magic Timer) 1.png

(Basic) Guide Castle Magic (Magic Timer) 2.png

(Basic) Guide Castle Magic (Magic Timer) 3.png

Magic Pressure Plate

(Basic) Guide Castle Magic (Magic Pressure Plate) 1.png

Magic Player Detector

(Basic) Guide Castle Magic (Magic Player Detector) 1.png

Magic Reflector

(Basic) Guide Castle Magic (Magic Reflector) 1.png

(Basic) Guide Castle Magic (Magic Reflector) 2.png

(Basic) Guide Castle Magic (Magic Reflector) 3.png

Magic Random Reflector

(Basic) Guide Castle Magic (Magic Random Reflector) 1.png

Magic Start Detector

(Basic) Guide Castle Magic (Magic Start Detector) 1.png

Magic Jump Detector

(Basic) Guide Castle Magic (Magic Jump Detector) 1.png

Magic Text Detector

(Basic) Guide Castle Magic (Magic Text Detector) 1.png

(Basic) Guide Castle Magic (Magic Text Detector) 2.png

Magic Computer

(Basic) Guide Castle Magic (Magic Computer) 1.png

(Basic) Guide Castle Magic (Magic Computer) 2.png

(Basic) Guide Castle Magic (Magic Computer) 3.png

(Basic) Guide Castle Magic (Magic Computer) 4.png

Magic Orbs

See: Magic Fire Orb, Magic Ice Orb, and Magic Storm Orb.

(Basic) Guide Castle Magic (Magic Orbs) 1.png

Magic Orb Catchers

See: Magic Fire Orb Catcher, Magic Ice Orb Catcher, and Magic Storm Orb Catcher.

(Basic) Guide Castle Magic (Magic Orb Catchers) 1.png

Magic Room Detector

(Basic) Guide Castle Magic (Magic Room Detector) 1.png

Magic Counter

(Basic) Guide Castle Magic (Magic Counter) 1.png

(Basic) Guide Castle Magic (Magic Counter) 2.png

Magic Item Detector

(Basic) Guide Castle Magic (Magic Item Detector) 1.png

(Basic) Guide Castle Magic (Magic Item Detector) 2.png


See: Bread Crumb.

(Basic) Guide Castle Magic (Tips) 1.png