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Basic:Beastmoon Hunt

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(Basic) Beastmoon Hunt Banner.png

Beastmoon Hunts are special events that KingsIsle activates from time to time. There is no specific date for these events and they last for a week at a time.


Artemis New Moon appears in the Wizard City Arena to inform Wizards about the event when Beastmoon Hunts commence.

Courtesy of the KingsIsle Wizard101 website:

"The Beastmoon Hunt is a team-based, goal-oriented Event designed to bring Wizards together in a fun and friendly competitive event. Teams of 4-6 Wizards face each other in a classic contest of Domination. Each Team gains Points by defeating opponents and capturing and holding Battle Rings in the arena. The match ends when one team reaches 100 Points, or the timer expires.

In the Beastmoon Hunt, Wizards polymorph themselves into a variety of different Beast Forms, join a Team, and battle other Wizards in a match! Each Beast Form has a different set of Spells and Stats, making combat with each one unique. Also, like the Deckathalon, your Wizard level, stats, and items don’t affect this game mode, so everyone in the Spiral level 10 and up can be your opponents or allies!"

Entering the Beastmoon Hunt Event

This menu allows Wizards to queue up and enter the Hunting Grounds.

To enter the Beastmoon Hunt event, Wizards must click the special event icon next to their friends list, then select the event banner to join a match. Clicking "Join Match" will add Wizards to a matchmaking queue until a lobby fills up, where they will then be able to teleport to the Beastmoon Hunting Grounds when they're ready.

Wizards will be assigned to a team: Team Red or Team Blue. There will be a brief preparatory period in each team's respective base where Wizards can choose their Beast Form and load their deck with Battle Cards until the timer runs out and the Hunting Grounds open.

Hunting Ground Rules

Beast Forms

Inside each team's base, there are 10 statues which will grant Wizards unique Polymorphs called "Beast Forms", which will last for the duration of match. These Beast Forms grant Wizards various stats, including varying amounts of Health, movement speed, the amount of Pips that a Wizard can start a duel with, and different Spell decks. Each Beast Form fulfils a different role, so each team must plan accordingly to diversify their capabilities. While only one of each Beast Form can be used on each team at a time, Wizards may change which Beast Form they are using at any time during the match by returning to their team's base.

Battle Cards and Coins

Battle Cards are colored differently than normal Treasure Cards.
These chests can be found and opened by any Wizard in the Hunting Grounds.

Along with the Spells that are normally included in Beast Form's decks, event-exclusive Treasure Cards called "Battle Cards". Each Beast Form is allowed different kinds of Battle Cards, determined by the Spells that are normally available in each Beast Form's deck. These Battle Cards can be purchased in each team's base from an eagle named Actaeon for an event currency called "Coin" (Icon) Coin.png. Battle Cards' cost depend on their rank; Rank 0 & 1 Battle Cards cost 5 Coins, Rank 2 & 3 Battle Cards cost 10 Coins, and Rank 4, 5, & 6 Battle Cards cost 15 Coins. Wizards can carry 100 Coins at a time, which carry over multiple Beastmoon Hunt matches. Inside the Hunting Grounds, Wizards can also find Beastmoon Chests, which contain Coins and Battle Cards that are available to all Beast Forms.

These urns have Health Wisps that will restore Wizards' Health.

Additional Rules and Details

Combat inside of the Beastmoon Hunting Grounds has a few of its own rules that differ from the rest of the Spiral. There are various dueling circles called Battle Rings inside of the Hunting Grounds, and each one has its own limit on the amount of combatants: some are 2v2, some are 3v3, and some allow a full 4v4. While dueling, Wizards' turns are not determined by the standard clockwise rotation. Instead, each team alternates which side goes first at the end of a Round. That's not where the differences end, though: in the Hunting Grounds, the turn order follows in a sort of zigzag pattern, where Wizards taking an even-numbered turn go after the opponent across from them takes a turn. For example, in a 4v4 duel, the turn order would go to the Wizards in the following spots: sun, dagger, eye, key, star, gem, moon, and spiral. For the next Round, the order would swap to dagger, sun, key, eye, gem, star, spiral, and moon. The turn order would then go back to the first list, and so on until the duel ends. School damage boosts also apply differently: Fire deals bonus damage against Ice, Ice against Storm, Storm against Fire, Death against Life, Life against Myth, and Myth against Death; Balance does not deal bonus damage against nor receive bonus damage from other Schools in the Hunting Grounds. This bonus will add an extra 25 damage to Spells. While there are no Health Wisps in the Hunting Grounds, there are urns that appear around the Hunting Grounds which will restore the Health of any Wizard that collects them. If a Wizard flees or is defeated, then they are sent back to their team's base and must wait 30 seconds before they can teleport back to the Hunting Grounds.

Earning Points in the Hunting Grounds

The objective in the Hunting Grounds is to score Points, which are all earned in the Battle Rings. At the beginning of a match, four initially uncontrolled Battle Rings will be available in each corner of the Hunting Grounds. Wizards capture these Battle Rings by standing inside of them. Uncontrolled Battle Rings take 10 seconds for one Wizard to capture, while enemy-controlled Battle Rings take 30 seconds to capture; the required time will be halved for every other teammate inside of the ring. Capturing a Battle Ring by standing in it will earn a team 1 Point. If at least one member from both teams is standing inside of a Battle Ring, then a duel will commence. Teams will earn 2 Points for every Wizard that is defeated, which are applied to the team's total at the end of the duel; the Points are instantly applied if a Wizard flees. Battle Rings that are won through a duel will net the winning team 5 Points. After some time has passed, a fifth Battle Ring called the Spiral Battle Ring will become available in the middle of the Hunting Grounds; winning the Spiral Battle Ring in a duel will award the winning team 15 Points. An additional point will be added to all of these values for every Battle Ring that a team controls. The first team to acquire 100 Points wins the match.

Beast Forms

Beast Forms are the special Polymorphs that Wizards take on when inside of the Hunting Grounds. Each Beast Form performs differently from the next, and all have the potential to be upgraded. Like all Polymorphs, Beast Forms grant the user entirely different stats, but Beast Forms also have the potential to be upgraded. Beast Forms have two traits which can be upgraded: their Level and their Tier. Levels affect which Spells and how many of them are carried in the Beast Form's deck, and which Battle Cards a Beast Form can purchase from Actaeon. A higher Level means that the Beast Form possesses more powerful Spells. This is not a permanent boon, however; Levels reset at the end of every Beastmoon Hunt, so all of a Wizard's Beast Forms will be set to Level 1 at the beginning of each event. A Beast Form's Tier affects how many Battle Cards that they can carry into the Hunting Grounds. Unlike Level, upgrading a Beast Form's Tier is a permanent enhancement and will never reset, but requires more resources to upgrade as a consequence. Beast Forms' Levels are upgraded using "Moonstone" Reagents, and their Tiers are upgraded using special "Idol" Reagents (see here); both Level and Tier also require a sum of Lunari (Icon) Lunari.png, a currency specific to the Beastmoon Hunt event.