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Basic:Area Pricing

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Area Pricing

The prices for each of the areas in Crowns are listed below. Please note Pay as you Go Areas purchased on Family Master Accounts do not carry over to Sub accounts.

This information is available on the KingsIsle website here.

Wizard City
Area Crowns
The Commons Free!
Pet Pavilion Free!
Ravenwood Free!
Shopping District Free!
Fairegrounds Free!
Golem Court Free!
Unicorn Way Free!
Triton Avenue Free!
Haunted Cave Free!
Nightside Free!
Cyclops Lane
(includes Dark Cave)
Firecat Alley
(includes Dark Cave)
Colossus Boulevard 750
Crab Alley 3 Areas for 750
Deep Warrens
Wailing Caverns
Sunken City 750
Garden of Hesperides Free!
Mount Olympus 2,495 (Rent for 6 Hours for 645 Crowns)
Atlantea 3,245 (Rent for 6 Hours for 645 Crowns)
Tartarus 3,995 (Rent for 6 Hours for 645 Crowns)
Castle Darkmoor 3,495 (Rent for 6 Hours for 495 Crowns)
The Catacombs 12 Areas for 6,000
Practice PvP/Derby Free!
Ranked PvP/Derby 80/match
240/24 hour Pass
Total Area Cost for Wizard City
Wizard City 3,750 + 9,735 (Aquila) + 3,495 (Darkmoor) + 6,000 (Catacombs)
Area Crowns
The Oasis 6 Areas for 3,500
Altar of Kings
Royal Hall
Chamber of Fire
Palace of Fire
Throne Room of Fire
Krokosphinx 6 Areas for 3,500
Entrance Hall
Hall of Champions
Grand Arena
The Vault of Ice
Emperor's Retreat
Tomb of Storms 7 Areas for 3,500
Well of Spirits
Ahnic Family Tomb
Djeserit Family Tomb
Karanahn Barracks
Karanahn Palace
Temple of Storms
Tomb of the Beguiler 915
Upper Zigazag 2,495 (Rent for 6 Hours for 495 Crowns)
Kembaalung Village 1,245 (Rent for 6 Hours for 495 Crowns)
Total Area Cost for Krokotopia
Krokotopia 13,910 + 1,245 (Kembaalung)
Area Crowns
Regent's Square 4 Areas for 1,200
Royal Museum
Digmoore Station
Hyde Park
Chelsea Court 1,200
The Ironworks 1,200
Kensington Park 1,200
Scotland Yard Roof 2 Areas for 1,200
Newgate Prison
Knight's Court 1,200
Katzenstein's Lab 1,200
Counterweight East 1,200
Counterweight West 1,200
Big Ben 1,200
Barkingham Palace 1,745 (Rent for 6 Hours for 495 Crowns)
Total Area Cost for Marleybone
Marleybone 13,745
Area Crowns
Pigswick Academy 1,000
Pegasus Place 1,000
Tanglewood Way 1,000
Total Area Cost for Wysteria
Wysteria 3,000
Area Crowns
Jade Palace 2 Areas for 1,200
Hametsu Village
Tatakai Outpost 1,200
Crimson Fields 1,200
Yoshihito Temple 2 Areas for 1,200
Ancient Burial Grounds
Village of Sorrow 1,200
Tree of Life 1,200
Shoshun Village 2 Areas for 1,200
Cave of Solitude
Kishibe Village 1,200
Shirataki Temple 1,200
Total Area Cost for MooShu
MooShu 10,800
Area Crowns
The Basilica 3 Areas for 1,200
The Atheneum
The Tower Archives
Plaza of Conquests 1,200
The Grand Chasm 1,200
The Necropolis 2 Areas for 1,200
The Drake Hatchery
The Crucible 1,200
The Labyrinth 1,200
Dragonspyre Academy 2 Areas for 1,200
The Crystal Grove
The Forum 1,200
The Great Spyre 1,200
Total Area Cost for Dragonspyre
Dragonspyre 10,800
Area Crowns
Celestia Base Camp 3 Areas for 1,695
Survey Camp
The Grotto
District of the Stars 2 Areas for 1,695
The Stellarium
The Floating Land 2 Areas for 1,695
Stormriven Hall 2 Areas for 1,695
The Lunarium
Science Center 2 Areas for 1,695
Crustacean Empire
The Chancel 2 Areas for 1,695
Trial of the Spheres
Total Area Cost for Celestia
Celestia 10,170
Grizzleheim & Wintertusk
Area Crowns
Northguard 2 Areas for 1,995
Savarstaad Pass
Vigrid Roughland 1,995
Mirkholm Keep 1,995
Nidavellir 4 Areas for 1,995
Hall of Valor
Winterdeep Warren
Helgrind Warren
Ravenscar 1,995
Hrundle Fjord 1,995
Vestrilund 1,995
Austrilund 1,995
Sudrilund 1,995
Nastrond 2 Areas for 1,995
Total Area Cost for Grizzleheim & Wintertusk
Grizzleheim & Wintertusk 19,950
Area Crowns
Baobab Crossroads 3 Areas for 1,695
Baobab Market
Baobab Crown
Savannah 1695
Zamunda 2 Areas for 1,695
Zamunda Outskirts
Stone Town 2 Areas for 1,695
Drum Jungle 2 Areas for 1,695
Elephant Graveyard
Mirror Lake 2 Areas for 1,695
Shining Mountain
Total Area Cost for Zafaria
Zafaria 10,170
Area Crowns
Caliburn 3 Areas for 1,695
Abbey Road
High Road
Caer Lyon 1,695
Weirwood (The Wild) 1,695
Weirwood (The Wyrd) 2 Areas for 1,695
Weirwood (Dun Dara)
Castle Avalon Outer Yard 3 Areas for 1,695
Lake Nimue Lake Shore
Catacombs 5 Areas for 1,695
Crystal Caves
Ghost Avalon
Keep of Ganelon
Restored Keep of Ganelon
Total Area Cost for Avalon
Avalon 10,170
Area Crowns
The Zocalo 3 Areas for 1,995
Three Points
Mangrove Marsh 2 Areas for 1,995
Saltmeadow Swamp
Zultun Dock 2 Areas for 1,995
Cloudburst Forest
Tierra de Brea 2 Areas for 1,995
Pitch Black Lake
Alto Alto 2 Areas for 1,995
Floating Mountains
Twin Giants 2 Areas for 1,995
Total Area Cost for Azteca
Azteca 11,970
Area Crowns
Bastion 3 Areas for 1,995
Silent Market
Moon Cliffs
Last Wood 2 Areas for 1,995
Tyrian Gorge
Fort Rachias 1,995
Crescent Beach 2 Areas for 1,995
Ruined Alcazar
Radiance Reborn 2 Areas for 1,995
Kondha Desert 3 Areas for 1,995
The Hive
Shadow Palace
Total Area Cost for Khrysalis
Khrysalis 11,970
Area Crowns
Walruskberg 2 Areas for 1,995
Walruskberg Harbor
Forlorn Tayg 2 Areas for 1,995
River of Frozen Tears
Urville Station 2 Areas for 1,995
Frigid Maw
Kataba IceBlock 2 Areas for 1,995
Borealis Peaks
Arcanum 1,995
Total Area Cost for Polaris
Polaris 9,975
Area Crowns
Caravan 2 Areas for 1,995
Alkali Barrows
Aggrobah 1,995
Caterwaul Canyons 2 Areas for 1,995
Rubal Wastes
(includes Chronoverge)
Istanboa 2 Areas for 1,995
Yakhal Mountain
Thieves' Den 1,995
Eerem Palace
(includes Chronoverge)
Total Area Cost for Mirage
Mirage 11,970
Area Crowns
Aeriel Shores 2 Areas for 1,995
Aeriel Jungle
Zanadu 2 Areas for 1,995
Zanadu Sewers
Outer Athanor 3 Areas for 1,995
Inner Athanor
Samsara Village 3 Areas for 1,995
Port Aero 3 Areas for 1,995
Aero Plains
Velo City
Chaos Jungle 2 Areas for 1,995
Total Area Cost for Empyrea
Empyrea 11,970
Area Crowns
Karamelle City 3 Areas for 2,295
Von Trap Estate
Rock Candy Mountains
Gumdrop Forest 2 Areas for 2,295
Nibbleheim 3 Areas for 2,295
Nibbleheim Mines
Black Licorice Forest 2 Areas for 2,295
Candy Corn Farm
Gobblerton 2,295
Total Area Cost for Karamelle
Karamelle 11,475
Area Crowns
Telos 2 Areas for 2,295
Ursai Village 2,295
Night Forest 2,295
Badlands 2 Areas for 2,295
Sky City 2,295
Heap 2,295
Total Area Cost for Lemuria
Lemuria 13,770
Area Crowns
Catmandu 2,295
Conatus 3 Areas for 2,295
Stone of Heaven
Puerto Nuovo
New Vicorgia 2 Areas for 2,295
Nucleus Gallery
La Ville Rose 2,295
Total Area Cost for Novus
Novus 9,180
Area Crowns
Hope Springs 2 Areas for 2,295
Outback 2,295
Wobbegong Territory 2 Areas for 2,295
Collie Ranch
Eucalyptus Forest 2 Areas for 2,295
Billabong Resort
The Dreaming 2 Areas for 2,295
Doom Moon
Total Area Cost for Wallaru
Wallaru 11,475
Overall Totals
Grouping Crowns
Wizard City through Dragonspyre Storyline 5 Worlds for 48,765
Celestia through Khrysalis Storyline 5 Worlds for 54,450
Polaris through Empyrea Storyline 3 Worlds for 33,915
Karamelle through Wallaru Storyline 4 Worlds for 45,800
Main Quest Storyline 17 Worlds for 183,030
Grizzleheim and Wintertusk Storyline 19,950
Aquila Dungeons 9,735
Wysteria Storyline 3,000
Tale of Four Dungeons 8,980
The Catacombs Storyline 6,000
Total Game Cost 18 Worlds for 219,220